What Makes Good Content?

The Recipe for Marketable Content

I might have made this statement in the past, but it bears repeating, nonetheless. Putting in an advertisement that just point blank tells you to ‘buy this product’ is no longer a valid form of selling anything to anyone. The last two generations of consumers have seen commercials since birth and are practically immunized against standard advertising tactics. I would even go far enough to say that they have become cynical about our consumer-based economy. So, the more forward-thinking marketers of today address this obstacle by creating marketable content for target audiences.

However, this raises a thought provoking question. What makes marketable content? Effective marketable content can successfully connect, entertain, and offer something to the audiences who willingly consume it. Through a few examples over the next few posts, I will explain what these three factors done right and done wrong.


Audience Connection


Done Right

An effective ad campaign in this day and age connects with audiences that all share something in common via emotional ties. These emotions could range from optimism, cynicism,  humor, or nostalgia, but they all have to encapsulate how their audience feels.

So, what does a successful ad campaign that connects with audiences look like?

A good example would be the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty.” When Dove looked into how women perceived themselves in 2004, they learned that only 4% of women participating in the study perceived themselves as beautiful.

Normally, in any typical marketing situation, the company would used this data to take advantage of their target audience. They would have pushed their product as the solution to their problem.

However, in doing so, they would have been just another beauty product shouting the same message in a noisy crowd.

Instead, they took an opportunity to connect with and reassure their target demographic of their natural beauty. They did this by taking steps to present women of all shapes and sizes as beautiful.


The promotion of the brand was secondary to message that they send to their target audience. Their goal was to leaving a positive impression to the people who come across them.

 To quote Brenda Fiala, a senior vice president for strategy for Blast Radius, said “Dove was trying to create a sense of trust with the consumer by tapping into deep-seated emotions that many women feel about themselves and their appearance.”

Once they tapped into those emotions with a body positive message, the company set itself and their product apart from the rest of the crowd and gained positive notoriety for about a decade.


 Done Wrong


Then… in what looked like a complete reversal of a company values, they posted this Facebook ad in October of 2017.   A company that made a point to be inclusive of multiple races, ages, and body types of women in their advertising for over a decade, put up the most problematic advertisement to have surfaced on the internet. Why, Dove…just why?


The implications of this image were not only uncomfortably racist in its overtones, but felt like a slap in the face to audiences who associated Dove’s message of body positivity with the brand for 13 years.  The diverse audience that they gained from their body positive campaign felt alienated in an instant.

It wasn’t just the implied racism that damaged Dove’s credibility. It was also the sudden inconsistency in their stance of body positivity. The sudden shift in company values flagged suspicion to their customers which meant that they could no longer connect with Dove.

The company took the ad off and apologized, but the damage was already done. People who connected with the brand in the past severed ties the moment that there was a conflict in the core values of the company. And who could blame them?


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Dial and Smile Marketing- Telemarketing the Right Way

Legalities and Basic Etiquette for Telemarketers


Marketing isn’t as easy as people make it sound like. You may have the best product out there since the invention of sliced bread, but if you don’t put it in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right pitch, using the right tools, then you can forget about it ever making a profit.  Any marketer worth their salt would tell you that decent exposure takes effort and dedication and rarely happens overnight. And that is even with an audience that is willing to entertain purchasing your product or service.

Some people just don’t want to be sold to. Period. Maybe it is because you approached them at the wrong time, with the message, or the wrong product, but when you try to pitch something to someone who isn’t interested they will be at best indifferent and at worst outright abrasive.

What’s worse, all businesses today are working with an audience suffering from advertising fatigue. Our modern day society as we know it is filled with so many telemarketers,  spammers, and con artists that anyone trying to advertise their business over the phone is disadvantaged by an audience who is sick of being advertised to.

So, what can you do? If you have a skeptical audience, how are you going to win them over with a phone call? Can it even be done?

The answer is yes, but you need to at least know how to do it ethically and legally.


Who’s in Charge?


First off, whether you are a small business or a large one, you at least need to know who is making the rules regarding telemarketing in the first place.  When it comes to communication laws and business regulation, we have two main groups representing federal law in this area. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

The FTC is responsible for both protecting market consumers and preventing shady business practices that prevent competition, aka monopolies.

The FCC is responsible for the protection and regulation of communications behind broadband, competition in media, public safety, news sources in media and homeland security to name a few.  If you have seen the news lately, then you know that the current chairman isn’t very popular on the internet.

Popular or not, these are the bureaus that make the rules regarding telemarketing and we abide by them as the law of the land. And if we don’t abide we pay to the tune of $11,000. 00 per violation.


The Rules


  •  No calls before 8AM or after 9PM

Honestly, I don’t want to wake up to a phone call, and I doubt anyone else does either. If you are working remotely, check your timezone.

  • You must let the phone ring 4 times or for 15 seconds
  • You must not abandon more than 3% of your telephone solicitation calls.

These were probably put in place to put a stop to specific type of scam known as the ‘one ring scam’ . They only ring once, know the rules, telemarketingleave a number for you to call back. If you call back, then they will put you on hold and rack up charges.

  •  You must not block ID caller information.
  •  If you are using a pre-recorded message, the message must state your name/company name and provide a number where the consumer can call and request that no more calls be made.

Its only fair that customers  are able to decide whether they want to be contacted afterward or not.  Plus, its just polite to hear them out if they are not interested.

It goes into much more detail in this FCC document, and if you have any questions regarding nuances involved, you should probably check it out.



  • Be Clear in your Language – Talking too fast or with your mouthful will not make it easy for you to send your message, and it will most likely get lost in translation. Take a deep breath, relax, and say what you need to say. Also, make a point to avoid industry jargon. The average customer usually won’t pick up on that sort of vocabulary.


  • phone ettiquiteWatch your Voice – One of the major disadvantages of making any phone call is that you are both are cut off from reading the other person’s expressions and reactions, so your intentions need to be made up with your tone of voice.  Be pleasant, be polite, and most importantly don’t sound like you are reading from a script.   People with identify with you the more human and relaxed you sound.


  • Think of your Customer as a Person – Just because customers are a means to an end, doesn’t mean that they aren’t people. People make mistakes, have bad days, and have emotional responses to things. Be sincere when you are talking and really listen to what they have to say.  Go out of your way to be courteous, even if you are hanging up as they are cursing you out.  It will boost your company’s reputation, and increase your chance at a customer/client relationship.


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Influencer Marketing – Why do Youtubers have so Much Influence?

The World of YouTube Gaming and Influence Marketing


I don’t know who in the audience is reading the article, but I am old enough to remember using Encyclopedias for book reports, and I am young enough to enjoy watching YouTube videos on a regular basis. The last two decades have been an ultimate game changer in the way people create, exchange, and spread information. We live in a world, where the Internet has made the entire globe one large cultural melting pot. It is a drastic change that has opened doors for the best and the worst of humanity to offer.  Whether you think it is all worth it or not, is subjective to each person who has witness these changes firsthand.

influence marketing, Marketers and people in the entertainment industry, are also touched by the mixed bag that the Internet has to offer.  As for the good it does to marketers and entertainers, the Internet has brought them closer to their target audiences than ever before. The unfortunate thing for them is that they now are facing ever-increasing competition for market influence. Something that the established industries are not used to dealing with in general.

No longer do Hollywood starlets and athletes have the corner on trend setting and promoting products. Today’s Youtubers, Bloggers, and Social Media stars are demonstrating that they are gaining influence over pop culture, brand awareness, and trends as much as their more traditional counterparts.


Example: YouTube and the Gaming Industry


When I go to work at my other awesome retail job, I don’t see just see new merchandise from large corporations. I am also seeing new product from independent video game franchises like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Hello Neighbor.  Both of which who got their start by YouTube gaming reactors like Markiplier, GT Live, Jacksepticeye, and their audience.

These online personalities, through the YouTube fame alone, managed to make indie game creators popular enough for people to demand merchandise related to the game in brick and mortar stores. That is not done by people with little influence.


How Did Youtubers Become Strong Market Influencers?


influence marketing

Image belongs to Fine Bros


On the surface, it doesn’t look feasible. These are average joes playing video games in front of a camera while babbling on in front of the audience. Why did they get so popular?  By describing these influencers as I just did, I already answered my own question without realizing it. They are  regular people talking to their audience. That makes them relatable.


Traditional Media Stars and Non-Existent Relatibility


While it is fun to fantasize becoming a Hollywood starlet, or meeting your favorite singer from childhood, the accessibility to that person in traditional media is very limited both physically and emotionally at best. They are on the stage and behind the screen for you to watch, but they are putting up a performance, an artificial front that makes them available to everyone and no one. It makes them appear untouchable at best to their audiences, like gods who can’t stand to be in the presence of mere mortals on Earth for too long.

influence marketing, celebrity with fans, barrier

There is a literal barrier between the celebrity Amy Schumer and her fans

The chances that you have of seeing them act like regular people, are slim to none because they have an image to maintain as people of higher status. So, there is going to be less of an personal connection that can be made between a traditional celebrity and their audience.

And when there is little to no connection there, fans aren’t going to be as likely to buy what they are selling.

Would you buy something because an unapproachable star you don’t really know much about asked you to?

I wouldn’t because I don’t know them.

I don’t hate them or the brand, but I am indifferent, and anyone in marketing knows that indifference is even worse than hatred in this day and age of advertising.


New Media’s Authentic Influencers


With YouTube gamers, there is less of a barrier between the performer and the audience.  There is no major barrier between them and their audience,  no illusion of godhood. They are regular people playing video games that audiences love, usually for the first time. We get an interpersonal front row seat to authentic reactions from real people that are talking to the camera like the audience is their best friend.

mark fischbach, markiplier, youtuber with fans, market influencer

Markiplier taking a Selfie with oodles of fans!

They are unafraid to show up to places like gaming conventions where people can interact with them more closely. They openly share what is going on in their personal lives with their subscribers. If their dog died, or if they are going through a medical procedure, fans will know about it and send them flowers or their favorite snack.  That’s because these reactors have learned to build an authentic bond of trust between them and their subscribers.

It’s that authenticity that draws in their audience, and influences their audience towards the things they recommend.


What does this Mean for the Future in Marketing?

If any of you have read into millennial marketing studies, then you know that the latest of our generation are drawn to different things than their parents and grandparents. While Generation X or Y may have been drawn to things that make them feel rich or of a higher status, the Millenial generation are drawn to something much more different. They want an interpersonal connection between themselves and the things they own.

Instead of shaping their identity around the stuff they own, they are shaping the stuff they own around their identity. This means that they’d rather buy something they have a say in over a name brand luxury item.

And since the Millennial generation is gaining more spending power, I can only see this growing.

Status symbol or “In Name Only” brands who are unwilling to connect to their audience are going to die , while new entrepreneurs are continuing to reshape the market.

The only way that I can see established brands surviving  is if they find a way to strike a genuine connection between what they represent and their audience.



In a follow up to the video game example, some established gaming companies are not realizing the importance of connecting with the needs of their target demographic, and they are paying for it in huge losses. Maybe they should look to certain Youtubers for advice?


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