Use Instagram for Business – In the Business of Slides, Movies and Metrics

Instagram for Business_1Instagram for Business

Remember those pics from the company’s 4th of July party? Make that into a Slideshow. Need to show how to use a product? Make a 30-second video! How’s your business doing? Instagram Insights can give you details about your audience!

Instagram continues to expand its offerings and over the last year, this platform has added a way to use previously taken pics, make short videos, and check to see how your social media approach is working for your business.

SlideshowInstagram for Business_2 is another way to advertise (you may have seen these in your newsfeed on Facebook!). It allows you to use previously taken pictures and flip through them in succession. This is the best format if you think your audience might have a slow connection.

As far as  videos go, you have between 3 and 60 seconds to record and share your company’s best content with your audience. You can still use the photo features you love, like filters, on the videos as well.

So who’s using video? Oreo. Reebok. Ikea.

InstagramforBusiness_3You’ve shared your Stories, created a Slideshow ad and have now included videos in your marketing strategy, what’s next? Enter Instagram Insights. These metrics show you impressions (number of times your post has been viewed), reach (followers who saw your post), website clicks (accounts that have followed your website link), and follower activity (how often your followers see your content on your profile). You will have access to your follower’s demographic information as well.

As Instagram users are evolving, the platform is, too. This makes for a beneficial experience for both your brand and the customers you serve. So use these tools in your marketing strategy and you will have one more social media platform in your toolbox.

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Tell the Story of your Brand through Instagram

Instagram_BrandingInstagram for Business-Tell the Story of your Brand

Are you being dynamic? Authentic? Spontaneous? Well, Instagram is here to help you with that! With a reach of over 400 million and most under 35, this service must be part of your marketing platform because it is changing to accommodate a new generation of brand advocates!

Instagram’s Polaroid-like instant camera has expanded since it jumped onto the social media scene in 2010. This summer Instagram added Stories as a new way to share photos and videos. Stories can be created and disappear within 24 hours but during that time you can combine other images into a tale about your business.

Companies creating a successful brand narrative using Instagram Stories are:

And, finally, you can see that the space race is running full speed ahead on NASA’s Instagram feed!

retro-vintage-car-instagramSo how can you make the most of Instagram’s new Stories feature?

Show another side of your business. NASA posted details about the Perseids meteor shower and shared research and scientific interviews. Offer behind-the-scenes photos like setup shots or the photos that didn’t make the final cut.

Let your customers follow along. Take Instagram to your next Meetup and take photos of the people who attend and video them having fun. This works for conferences, retreats and team lunches and status meetings as well.

Draw your customers out and photo-post. Turn a blog post into a photo story by adding captions using the pen, highlighter, or marker to draw on images or insert text.

Take customers on a virtual tour. This has worked for realtors for years and now you can use this for your business. Let customers see the inside of your store, your stock room, and what craziness goes on behind the counter. Mark each picture with something interesting about a teammate or manager.

Instagram_link_photoLink and Tag. Got a contest going on or wanting to share volunteer work that your business does? Put a link to your business photo to your company’s site and encourage customers to sign up for the contest. Use a hashtag to promote your volunteer outing and inspire customers to join you. Get Creative! In the next post, those images your company took at the last picnic or retreat will come in handy when using Instagram’s Slideshow…we’ll show you how!

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Instagram for Business with Social Media Stories

pexels-photo-24087Instagram for Business with Social Media Stories

Thinking of increasing your business traffic by using Instagram? The platform is ready to help you with that and in this month’s blog series, we will show you the steps you can take – and brands you can follow for inspiration – to make your business dynamic, photo-ready and successful.

Instagram has been likened to Polaroids for the next generation because of its instantaneous nature and the distinctive square shape of the images. Created as a project with a focus on mobile photography, the developers decided to combine the name “instant camera” with “telegram” and the term “Instagram” was born. 20644662435_74ced73b45_zThe service that launched in 2010 and lets users take photos, filter and share them with companion hashtags has grown to over 400 million active users and 90% of those are under 35. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the service boasts a 23% growth while its parent company has only 3%.

Flash ahead to 2016, Instagram’s biggest news in the last few weeks has been to add Stories to its features and encourage businesses to include this in their marketing strategy. The service also recently launched Instagram Business Tools so companies can gain insights into what posts perform best, update their business profiles, view analytics related to ads and target customers by location. Slideshow was another addition to Instagram’s business offerings. This feature lets users create video content from a series of still photos that the business may already own. The best part: with a recent upgrade, videos can be setup to run at lower connection speeds allowing them to be viewed anywhere!

instagram-1355473_640Instagram now gives you new options to create a successful social media marketing campaign. In the next post, we will have a list of the most successful brands on Instagram, show how you can use these new features and then make the most of your marketing strategy. Pop in next week to learn more about Instagram Stories and find out the best ways to reach your customers!

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