The Purple Tie Show Episode 97

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We had a long conversation with Landon Porter, founder of “How to get Clients without being Salesy”. We discussed a lot of things, and Landon was thoughtful and insightful on a lot of things.

His journey started with another course he and his wife, Ash, were making together about how to deal with preteens and teenagers. This lead into what he’s doing now.

We briefly talked about chatbots and how they’re going to take away jobs (in a good way). And we talked about iOS vs Android. You guys want to know a secret? Landon’s an Android guy. He likes the customization features (also, I’m kind of jealous of his Pixel). We also talked about the European Union suing Google. His answer is hilarious.

One of the biggest points we talked about was giving up your office to work from home.

Oh, and he showed off his wooden smartphone case. You can check it out at

This is a LONG podcast, so pace yourself. It’s a lot longer than we normally go.

Check out Landon’s group, Getting Clients Without Being Salesy here.

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