The Purple Tie Show Episode 90

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In our rambling first segment, we talk about using other advertisements to encourage your own. That doesn’t mean blatantly copying, but what we actually mean for you to do is take inspiration from other advertisers and use them to create something unique of your own. In the process of making that point we talk about Volcano and Dante’s Peak (two of my all time favorite guilty pleasures).

Next, we talk about modular shoes. This started life as a Kickstarter called Shooz. They’ve changed their company name and the name of their product. You can find them on their Shopify page ( It’s a really cool concept, in my opinion. You get separate tops and soles. Then you can mix and match to make a “custom” shoe. Things like this has lead to our next topic of conversation, the downfall of Payless Shoes. Payless is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closing 400+ stores in 2017. Now, this isn’t news to any parent who’s had to buy shoes in the past 10 years, but Payless is notorious for doubling and tripling shoe prices in order to sell a 2nd pair at “half price.” You can’t sustain that business model forever, and this is the inevitable result of that.

Lastly, we talk about Verizon losing 400,000+ users before starting their Unlimited Data plan. Competition from T-Mobile (in the form of their Binge On plan) almost literally tore customers from Verizon’s claws, giving them something they hadn’t had in a while: no fear. No fear of going over their data, text messages, or minutes (yes, that used to be a thing). And Verizon realized what it had to do a little too late. But they’re fighting back now, and honestly, they’re winning on many fronts. But it just goes to show you that if you don’t adapt your competition will always find a way to overshadow you.

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