The Purple Tie Show Episode 89

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This episode is very Apple and Mac-Centric. We talk about a lot of their products and how they’re losing ground in the computing world. If you don’t want to hear a LOT of stuff about Apple, then I implore you to move along.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s what we talk about this week!

Apple’s MacBook Pro has lost a lot of ground recently. People complained when they took away all of the ports and replaced it with a USB-C port, but they kept using it. They complained about the “touch bar” and how expensive it is, but they kept buying it. But when the price went up, that’s when people started to question what Apple was actually doing. Were they actually making improvements to the products? Why did I have to buy this stupid dongle to do ANYTHING ELSE with my MacBook Pro? That dissatisfaction manifested in an interesting way. For the first time in 7 years, the MacBook Pro dropped from 1st to 5th on nearly every list of Top 10 Laptops compiled by Laptop Mag.

Interestingly enough, Apple also announced a sort of apology to the Mac Pro fan base. If you didn’t know, the Mac Pro is Apple’s desktop. That’s right, a desktop computer. It’s difficult to explain what it looks like. So, just imagine a small, round, chrome garbage can with the lid closed. That’s an apt description. I wish I’d thought of this while we were recording! Anyway, Apple says to skip it, for now. They’re reworking the entire thing and releasing an update next year. But that’s the rub. They haven’t updated the Mac Pro line in nearly 5 years already. It’s still running hardware that was top of the line in 2013. That’s terrible. In 2013, people were still using Windows 7 because Windows 8 was so bad. In fact, Windows 8.1 hadn’t even been released yet. And now we’ve got an entirely new version of Windows kicking around. It’s ridiculous.

We also berated the iPad 5th gen for being an older, slower knock off of an older, slower version of the iPad. Namely the iPad Air 2. Or the iPad 4th gen. I can’t remember.

EDIT: Here’s the link I was trying to find earlier about the iPad 5. Come to find out, we were giving Apple too much credit. They’re saying that the screen is the exact same as the original iPad Air model. That means that the screen is no less than 4 years old. Jeez, Apple! Come on!

And last, but not least. Edible, bottleless water. Ooho is making these packets of water that have no packaging. The water is incased in an algae based pocket that is edible and biodegradable. It’s weird. It’s cool. It may be the future. But then again, it has its own hurdles.

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