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Crayola has retired Dandelion from the 24 count box of Crayola Crayons. The company is giving the color a 4 week retirement, and it will let the internet choose which hue of blue goes in place of the original light yellow. The internet also gets to choose the name of the color. I personally think this is a bad idea for the company. On the other hand, I’d love to see a list of submitted names.

The second topic of the day finds us rambling a bit. But let’s start off with what we actually talk about. If you’ve ever ordered business cards or postcards or brochures from a local print company, chances are they’ve offered to do the design work for free if you place your print order through them. There are a few reasons for this, as we’ll get into in the podcast, but for the customer, I think it’s a raw deal. We also end up talking about “Millenials React To Paper Mail,” which is a marketing scheme cooked up the the USPS (I can’t find the link, at the moment. But when I do I’ll update the description.). And we talk about mail delivery people getting bitten more because of Amazon. And speaking of Amazon?

Amazon Cash is now a thing where you can go into your local CVS (or other stores as the service is rolled out further) where you can transfer physical cash into your Amazon account as credit. I personally feel super shady doing this, but Robert makes a good point. Some people just plain don’t have a credit/debit card. So Amazon has been off limits to them until now. So, for those people, enjoy window shopping on Amazon like I do. I’ve got SO MUCH on my wish list that will never be purchased. It’s a problem. Seriously.

And our last topic of the week is Facebook Live Audio, the audio-only followup to last years Facebook Live Video. The article Robert read about the new service said that “now everyone can have a podcast!” While that’s true, Facebook Live Audio will not be the one to usher in the age of the podcast. I don’t see the Live Audio service being as useful as the Live Video, and if it’s used at all for regular users, it will be short lived. I’m not sure what Facebook was trying to accomplish with this, but they aren’t succeeding. Now, if you want to see what Facebook taking down competitors looks like, check out how they’ve changed Messenger. It’s a clear Snapchat clone now. Except your chats aren’t anonymous, nor are they deleted after a time. But hey, silly face filters!

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