The Purple Tie Show Episode 87

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Let’s talk about video games for a moment. Gamestop is closing 150 stores this year. That’s because they’re not performing like they should. So, it’s a better option for the company to shut these stores down than try to fix what’s wrong with the company as a whole. They’re playing catchup with the rest of the world. People have long since moved to getting their merchandise from the internet, either through online retailers (like Amazon) or directly to their devices (like download only games). We’ll talk a little bit more about Amazon later in the podcast, but it’s worth noting that many of the businesses that failed in the early 2000s were mainly due to them sticking to a model that wasn’t sustainable in our internet-centric lives or were more of a hassle than the alternatives. That’s something to think about.

Second up on the agenda today, we talk about “Me too!” Everybody and their damn brother is jumping onto the bandwagon, and your company will either suffer or prosper because of it. Our main example of this is Amazon’s Services or Home Services or something like that. They’ll find a local service company to fulfill your request and send them to your house. Now, the only reason this works, and I’m kind of proud that I brought it up, is the fact that because people are starting the order on Amazon, whoever shows up automatically gains credibility. Because your ordered them through Amazon. It doesn’t mean they’ll do a good job, but it makes you THINK they’ll do a good job.

And lastly, we talk about death threats. They’re so common place among Internet personalities that they’ve almost become a sign of success. You’re getting death threats? Good for you! You’ve made it! But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. And that doesn’t mean that you can just throw them around over just anything. Our example is about a football game that was airing during a severe weather threat, and I’ll let Robert explain that in the podcast. But the take away is this. Death threats are never okay. Ever.

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