The Purple Tie Show Episode 86

The Purple Tie Show combines business, marketing, and technology. Today we’re going to talk about how sometimes, technology isn’t intuitive. For example, monitors. Are they on or off? That’s a tough question to gauge. I suppose.

We visited a new chapter of BNI in Huntsville this past week, and it was eye-opening, to say the least. This meeting is held weekly, all members are required to attend or they could lose their seat (more on that in the show), and there is a slew of other requirements for membership. I had no idea it was this time-intensive to be in a BNI group.

One day, someone will find these show notes, read this quote and think, “Man, that’s deep!”

You only have so many breaths in life, why you wanna waste ’em like that? – Robert Martin

The topic of pricing is one that comes up all the time, especially for new business owners or freelancers. How much do I charge? That person looks like they can afford $X, but that person looks like they could afford $XX. Pricing per customer is a bad idea in general, for the reasons outlined in the podcast. You need to focus on the backend of the business to determine what you should charge on the front end.

Side Tangent: While at the pool, Robert witnessed a father and son enjoying a swim when the father unexpectedly gets out of the pool to retrieve his phone. He then gets BACK INTO THE POOL? WITH HIS PHONE ? to video his son playing. This, my friends, is how you ruin a perfectly good phone. Why would he think that’s an acceptable thing to do? Because of hype about waterproof phones. Or maybe he just didn’t care. Who knows.

Lastly, this week we discuss making a curriculum to sale for improving Facebook Ads for your Business. We talked about what it takes to get such a thing off the ground, and we discussed what you would likely sell that course for.


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