The Purple Tie Show Episode 103

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Guest Speaker: Todd Thornbery of Build Your Best Body

On this episode, we talk with Todd Thornbery of Build Your Best Body! He’s been helping out Robert and myself with our diet/lifestyle. He has a unique approach that has greatly affected Robert’s weight loss. We had to cut out a section in the middle because I had to answer an “emergency” phone call, and I’m kind of sad I had to cut it out. Robert and Todd talked about how they liked their eggs in the morning with the entire conversation culminating with the statement: “You wanna know the secret to eating that many eggs in the morning? Barbecue sauce.” It was so hilarious because Todd whispered the entire thing like it truly was a secret. In the South, the secret is hot sauce. Usually Louisiana Hot Sauce.

You can check out Todd’s Facebook Group, Build Your Best Body at . Go check him out, he’s got a lot of unique perspectives when it comes to body health and weight loss.

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