The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 72

Over the course of 10 days, Robert eventually traded out a repaired iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB (that happened to be a very nice shade of pink) in to AT&T for a new, 128 GB Space Gray iPhone 6s Plus. The details are extensively covered in the podcast, but let’s just say it took some doing to get it finished.

Samsung’s faulty Note 7 has forced customers to change their phone, and the Pixel is the perfect candidate. AT&T was the first carrier to stop selling the Note 7 altogether after the replacement phones started catching on fire, just like the original line. T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint followed suit. Since you can purchase a new Pixel outright for a good chunk of change less than a Note 7, Verizon customers have the perfect option. The Pixel is Google’s newest in-house phone, and it’s wonderful. Taking the place of the Nexus line, the Pixel is leaps and bounds ahead of it predecessor. Look for the Pixel to take Samsung’s place as the leading phone on any store.

Google Maps has become synonymous with GPS and travel in general now that every smartphone on the planet can have access to it. And that got me wondering: what is Google’s end-plan for their mapping software. The search giant has turned almost every other product they’ve created into an ad revenue generator, but Maps has strangely been put by the wayside. We speculate that, eventually, you’ll have popup, ad-based locations injected into your routes. Or, even worse, a delay to use the navigation at all until you’ve watched an ad video.

Copyright is a whole can of worms that will take far too long to get into in the show notes. Heck, even on the show, it’s too large a subject to cover completely. Here’s a link to read up on Copyright Law and what you should do to avoid getting taken to court over something.

We briefly got into selling stock photography, and it’s a tough business. Not all of your photos will be accepted, and the payment terms are ridiculous on certain sites. If you’re a photographer or artist thinking of getting into the stock artwork world, do your homework before getting into bed with a single site. Check around for something that fits your needs and doesn’t feel like they’re ripping you off.

Tech support is something that we know very well. I’ve personally done tech support for nearly 15 years, Robert for 22. It’s a learned skill and not something that comes naturally to everyone. A huge percentage of tech support is strictly customer service, keeping the customers calm while you try to figure out what’s wrong. And a large part of that is doing it in a way that doesn’t belittle the customer or make them feel like they’re stupid for calling in the first place. We’ve got some stories to tell.

And lastly, Apple has added Ads to the App store (that’s a mouth full, try to say it quickly). I noticed it when I went to reinstall the Apple News app. I searched for News and at the very top was an Ad for the Wall Street Journal, highlighted in yellow, with an Ad marker next to it. It’s a news app, for sure, but they paid to be placed at the top of all search results with “news” in them. It’s brilliant, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get implemented.

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