The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 82

SEO Expectations vs Reality

If you’ve ever lived in the South, you know what Snowmageddon is. It’s when the weather person announces that there’s going to be X amount of snow in the next X days. That’s when southerners go insane and start buying gas, bread, milk and eggs like they won’t be able to get them for weeks and weeks ahead. It’s even better when they announce snow coming and you get nothing. Literally nothing. Well, that’s not fair. We got cold temperatures. But that’s it. Let us explain how this affects your business.

We often talk about getting what you pay for. On the flip side of that, there’s expectations versus reality, where in a person buys something expecting one thing and getting another. Case in point, buying a new website. If you pay someone to build a website for you, but you don’t pay them for SEO services, you’ll get a website without any SEO services. Just the design and creation of the website. Some clients expect more than that. They expect more. But they only pay the bare minimum.

When you’re a Dell Business customer, you’re assigned a Dell representative. Our rep is fantastic. He’s always fast and friendly. He knows what I need, and he gets things done. Over the Christmas/New Years holiday, our Dell rep went on vacation and left us in the hands of a backup rep. Chris. He was terrible. And we explain why in great detail. BOO CHRIS! YAY DEREK!

For the briefest of moments, Robert expounds on why he loves printed media. That’s all I have to say about that.

CES was this past week. They always have all sorts of new, neat things. Three highlights for me were: The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle, the LG Airport Robot Assistant, and the Amber Sensor for Smart Farms. I explain what each of them are and what they do. Spoilers: They’re pretty nifty. Also, I was wrong. The robots aren’t black. They have black displays. My bad.

Also, we mentions Bond. They’re a company that charges you money to have a robot hand-write a letter or note and send them to another person. It’s as asinine as it sounds. You type, on a computer, what you want hand-written, and then a robot hand-writes the letter for you. Utterly ridiculous. Here’s the link!

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