The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 81

Congratulations! It’s officially 2017. You made it. I made it. It’ll be a better year than the last. And we’ll make it that way!

We start things off with a bit of philosophizing. Goals without a plan are just dreams. Robert is giving up sugar, doing meal planning and portion control, and going to the gym more. I’m going to play tagalong and see how things go. What are your plans for the New Year?

Next, we venture into the terrible, horrible world of Cold Calling and the books that glorify it. Robert despises cold calling. The rejections are the hardest part, naturally.  And all of the books about cold calling are just cheerleading for it. RAH RAH RAH! MAKE A COLD CALL! Moving on.

I’ll put the links to the Year End Review at the bottom of the show notes, but just remember that the media really truly holds the publics’ attention to specific problems. And each problem is sectioned off from the rest of the problems. The Zika Virus is still very dangerous, but since the media has moved on no one talks about it anymore. Remember that.

And last but certainly not least, odd jobs that could earn you extra money. This quickly degraded into side tangent after side tangent. We talked about LOTS of things, and I can’t rightly remember each of them. So, just listen and hold on because we ramble quite a bit towards the end of the episode.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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