The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 79

I don’t remember why we were talking about Floppy Disks, but here’s the Wikipedia link:

We were right, by the way. There’s an 8 inch floppy, too. It held a whopping 1.2 Mb in the last iteration.

Also, here’s the tablet we were talking about.

It’s a great little computer that gives you all the benefits of a carry-around tablet with the power of an actual laptop. But you’ll need some accessories to complete the package.

And last but not least, Homeless Care Kits. Here’s a practical list of things that a homeless person may need.

As usual, we talked about the Apple [INSERT PRODUCT HERE]. This week it’s the Apple Watch again. But we had to return the original because of defects in the glass. And, as usual, the holier-than-thou store employee showed his ass. [INSERT STORE EMPLOYEE HERE] since it could be any of them. Typically. Not always.

Also, check out Windows 10 if you haven’t already. The latest updates make it very usable and quite enjoyable.

The last thing we discussed today was Trump being named Person of the Year. Good for him! After all the mudslinging that went on this election season I’m surprised anyone got out alive!

Now, we talked about some sappy stuff this show. We helped a family in mourning after the loss of a beloved wife, mother and sister. And we helped a young lady after the loss of her father. And these are things we are proud of. We didn’t expect any compensation (although it was forced upon us in both instances), and we will gladly help anyone else we can, in that respect. And this holiday season, we hope you will take that same point of view. Help someone who needs help. They’ll appreciate it even if they don’t know how to say it.

Merry Christmas from The Purple Tie!

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