The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 78

Basement Floods and Amazon Go

In Christmas of 2015, Robert’s house/the studio almost flooded. When I say it almost flooded, I mean that there was water literally 36 inches from the front door and only slightly further away from the back door. It was a terrifying time. And it lasted for 48 hours or so. This year, about a week ago, it happened again. Only this time there were tornadoes, too. So, to Robert’s surprise, when you opened the local weather app to stream weather coverage you’re greeted with a 30 second ad for a local heating and air company. Now, this is normal for the app, but Robert argues that it should be suspended while there’s the threat of severe weather happening. I suggest that the news stations should build a severe weather app that doesn’t have any ads but doesn’t display regular weather, only severe weather.

Also, they found a dinosaur tail encased in amber. It has feathers! So, super neat.

We talk about the downfall of Pebble and how that “forced” Robert to buy an Apple Watch. The short version? It worked better than his other options. Check out the link for more info about what happened to Pebble. I’m still not certain why they went out of business, but FitBit bought some of their assets. And people. So, slavery? Of course, we’ve equated big business to legalized slavery in the past, so there’s that.

Amazon Go is a grocery store that you don’t have to pay anyone, has no registers or cashiers, and you just walk in and walk out and your Amazon account is charged. Cool idea. We’ll see how people game it in the near future when they open around the country.

While discussing the Amazon Go store we briefly discussed McDonald’s replacing their cashiers with automated kiosks (please note this article is from a year ago, meaning this isn’t anything new). And this led into Wendy’s outsourcing their drive thru squawk box order takers. Yeah, it happened. In 2006!

And that, in turn, led into the evolution of the drive thru and how there are not multiple lanes, which is insane.

If you haven’t heard of Games Done Quick, they’re a speed running community that raises money for charities by streaming speed runs and accepting donations while they’re streaming. It’s an intriguing concept that I thought was well past its time when compared to the old PBS telethons. When I was little, my local PBS station would do a talent show and take call in donations to raise money. They hardly ever hit their goal, and these telethons would go on for days. Summer Games Done Quick raised a quarter of a million dollars! In 24 hours or something ridiculous like that! I hypothesize that the old fashioned talent show telethon simply evolved into the focused fundraisers we see today.

Oh, and a thief got caught stealing a BMW in a really cool way. Which led to us talking about the Police Grappler.

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