The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 76

SEO will be changed by how voice search and other such unknown search activities process the information. If only the relevant information is presented then other websites that aren’t in the #1 slot won’t even be presented as an option, thus eliminating any ad revenue that would have been generated.

We baked a LOT of sugar cookies this weekend. Some were purple. Some were blonde. All of them were delicious. And we’re going to use them to get a foot in the door with some of our potential clients. It’s a form of guerrilla marketing that is sure to make everyone in the office happy.

We nixed Indoor Marketing. Manpower is our limiting factor, but that wasn’t the only reason we decided against it.

Of course, we always work on the weekend. Because there’s never enough time during the work week.

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away! People, stop jumping into Christmas so early! There’s a holiday in between, and it’s one you should always observe. Even if you live alone and away from your family.

Videogame DLC is engrained in the business model of most game companies. But customers have gotten savvy to the notion of paying for something that may or may not have already been created by the time the game was released. We also brought up micro-transactions, but I don’t want to rant in the show notes so we’ll just leave it at that.

Also, the Salvation Army National Commander is Willam A. Roberts, and he was compensated $131,243  in 2012.

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