The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 73

On Thursday, we experienced the largest cyber attack that I personally have ever been affected by. It took out large portions of the East Coast’s DNS (which renders the internet mostly unusable). So, we decided, since it was such a great day, we’d get outside and take some photos. We spent a few hours going around town and getting some vanity shots for the Nationwide agency website we were building. It was a pleasant day that ended with us finding the “Tunnel of Booze.” Just listen, you’ll learn all about it.

And, strangely, we spend the next half hour debating (not really) why a website is better than a business card. The correct answer is: in every way. But I digress.

Then, we rolled a whole bunch of stuff into the last talking point. We started off by pointing out that Apple has added ads to the App store (which I briefly brought up last week). We then progressed over to talking about the $50 Amazon phone that pumps ads directly to the lock screen. I haven’t played with one personally, but it sounds like a great phone for teenagers or younger people. This led into discussion about ads in paid services, like Hulu. I understand why they do this. If you can get more money for the same service, why not do that? But as a customer, I find it hard to swallow that I’m paying money for the convenience of this service, and on top of that, I’m paying additionally in time by being forced to watch these ads. Ads have their place, just not in a paid service.

And lastly, we discuss Nintendo’s newest game system, The Switch. I describe it pretty well in the show so I won’t rehash it here. Robert thinks the entire concept is flawed (that’s a nice way of saying he said it was stupid), but I think it’s brilliant. Combining the two best parts of Nintendo (handheld and console) is genius. And Nintendo has always been an innovative company, going all the way back to the OG NES.

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