The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 71

Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza is one of our client’s. And like any client sometimes they need special attention. So, last week we gave them a visit, sat down and talked with Tina (one of the owners), and had some of their delicious pizza. If you’re in Huntsville, I highly suggest checking them out.

While we were in town, we decided to visit a prospect on our list, Mad County Winery. It’s operated by the good Rev. Cotton Williams. He’s a born natural showman, giving us the history and current story of their business. Robert sampled nearly every wine they had, which was a feat since the wines are 40 proof (about 20% alcohol), and he ended up settling on a Banana Coosh wine to take home with him. It definitely tastes like Laffy Taffy.

This weekend we decided to forego RC racing and dug out our camera equipment again. We got some great shots of an ancient cemetery where some of the Bankhead’s are buried. It was a lot of fun.

We talked a little bit about how some people are complaining about the Portraiture mode of the iPhone 7 cutting off the tops of inanimate objects. Now, if only they’d complain about the iterative nature of the iPhone itself. Maybe we’d get something truly revolutionary. And, then again, maybe we’ll just get another Samsung Galaxy debacle. The batteries in the iPhone 7’s are also combusting with very little jostling. A UK man had one melt to his leg after he fell off his bike while riding down a path. He had to have a skin graft it was so bad. And Apple is claiming it was “mishandled.” Of course they are. They don’t want to admit that every iPhone they’ve sold is a potential fire hazard.

Are we living in a  simulation? I have no idea. But some smart people seem to thinks it’s a very good possibility. Enough of a possibility that they’ve started pouring money into finding a way to stop it.

And to cap off this insane show, Taco Bell is now the healthy fast food company out there.

Welcome to America.

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