The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 70

Bringing us one step closer to science fiction, Google has finally launched cross-platform retargeting. Basically, this means that they track you across devices to advertise relevant information based on things you searched for or places you visited. Except now it happens on anything you use your Google account with.

What started off as a segment about marketing tips quickly devolved into how podcasting isn’t going to make you a ton of money right out of the gate like most people say it will. We’re living proof of this. But we won’t discourage you from trying. Podcasting is a lot of fun, especially with a cohost like Robert. 😉

The under-desk elliptical is labeled the Cubii. It’s a stylish (for in-office workout equipment, anyway) foot pedal machine that allows you to work and workout at the same time. Don’t expect to get your heart racing doing this, but you’ll get plenty of leg day type exercise with this under your desk.

We also talked about getting back into old hobbies which led into talking about photography and also involved Audible. I adore Audible, and I’m glad Robert introduced me to it. He tried several years ago by purchasing a book for me and asking me to listen. At the time I wasn’t traveling as much, but now, you’d be hard pressed to find a stretch of time when I’m in the car and I’m not listening to a book of some kind.

The First Presidential Debate. Enough said.

And our one bit of weird news. The first ever 3 parent baby. I’ll let you read the article and generate your own opinion.

And to answer a few questions that popped up during the show.

Do churches pay taxes? The quick answer is no. The long answer can be found here.

What is the Struggle bus and why is Robert driving it straight to Hell?

A picture of Gidget, the snoring dog.

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