The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 68

Tonight on The Purple Tie Radio Show we discuss the benefits of making social connections with the people you do work with. We had to take my 2016 Ford Escape in to the shop because the windshield wipers stopped working properly. If Robert had not had such a good relationship with Joe, the manager of the service department, we might have been stuck with a terrible loaner car for the duration. But as it was, we got the creme de la creme. A 2016 Ford Edge. Decked out. Almost $40,000. I’ve had it a week so far. And it looks like we’re keeping it an additional week. It’s definitely a smooth ride!

And we talk about the latest internet craze, Pokemon Go! We discuss what the game has done for parent company Nintendo, and we talk a little about how to use it to your benefit as a business owner.

We also discuss terrible landlords at the very end of the show, so stick around for that riveting conversation.

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Here are some interesting links concerning Pokemon Go.

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And one just for fun, this adorable NES

Listen to the episode!

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