The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 66

Tonight on The Purple Tie Radio Show we talk about AMS 7.0 (here’s Robert’s wrap up video) and how it relates to business. Because it’s big business. We break down the pros and cons of using and owning a Chromebook. We’ve been using Chromebooks in our retail store almost since the day we opened. They’re lightweight, and they’ve got a battery that lasts all day (at least on the older models).

At some point you’ll run into a customer that wants something from you that you just can’t give them or don’t do. At that point, we suggest getting a referral network so you can have someone to send them to. That way you’re still helping them even if you can’t help them.

The Tech Tip and Tech News go hand in hand this evening. We talk about Night Shift on your iDevice and why you should wait for the 10th Anniversary iPhone instead of springing for the iPhone 7.

And last but not least, we tell you to stay away from your Social Media of choice for a single day. We can’t stay away of Facebook for a whole week, but we’ll give one day a shot.

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