The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 65

Tonight on The Purple Tie Radio Show we discuss reviews again. But this time it’s a little different. That also leads into Story Time nicely, and why we ended up buying a vinyl cutter. Long story short, sign companies are terrible.

We talk about spamming your clients, and how it’s killing your business. Stop. Just stop. Nobody’s reading your newsletter you’re sending once a week or twice a week or whatever you’re doing. So, stop it. Stop it.

We also delve into the basics of what guerrilla marketing really is and explain a little about the preparation for doing a marketing campaign on the cheap using Guinness Beer as an example.

Our weekly challenge this week is ridiculously easy. Write something in cursive once a day for a week. And it can’t be your signature. Seriously? Just the signature? Lazy.

And in tech news we discussed Microsoft’s acquisition of the business-centric social media site LinkedIn, and how to remove those pesky built-in apps that come with your iOS devices.

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