The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 62

SHOW NOTES Episode 62


It’s Memorial Day! Well, at least the day this airs originally. So, Happy Memorial Day! Tonight we start off talking about how amazing Pebble did with their build up and launch of their new Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble 2, the Pebble Time 2, and the Pebble Core. Then we sort of review mobile credit card payments. I say sort of because it was an abrupt transition, and we only really went into the surface of what the pros and cons are. We mostly discussed the fees associated with each service. But it’s a great conversation about them. Then we move on to how to turn a sour conversation around. I’ll post a link in the show notes on the website. It’s seven ways to turn the conversation around. And one of these will work. We also talk about why your business will eventually fail. Don’t worry, you’ll recover. Or you won’t. It really depends. Robert and myself discuss ways to reuse data that’s already available on the internet as a means of guerrilla marketing. And our weekly challenge is a breeze: Cook at home for one meal a day all week. NO TAKE OUT! And we didn’t get to discuss the tech news or tip this week. I’ll post links in the show notes. Basically, CNET is predicting that the iPhone 7 is just going to be more incremental improvements instead of a leap forward, like the original iPhone was. They’re also predicting that the iPhone 8 won’t be called the iPhone 8 since it will be the 10 year anniversary of the initial release of the iPhone. And lastly, I’ll tell you how to plug all those security holes in Windows 10. Well, they’re not really “security holes.” They’re more like “ways that Microsoft is cataloguing everything you do within the operating system.”




Show Notes

Business Tip: What to say when a conversation turns sour.

Story Time: Why your business will fail.

Tech News: iPhone 7 a snooze?

How to plug all those security holes in Windows 10


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