The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 23 July 27 2015

Tonight we talk about getting dressed for work, outdated technology, and reputation management.

Show Notes


A quick Google search turned up a lot of articles geared towards women, but there were a few men’s articles sprinkled in. My general rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t wear something to a special occasion (or church) you probably shouldn’t wear it to work.

Hacking a car isn’t as trivial as we probably made it sound, but there’s still the possiblity, as per this article. Take a gander. The realization that over a million vehicles could be affected by this is staggering.

Speaking of hacking things, here’s the article covering the smart watch hacks by HP.

Another quick Google search is quite revealing about online reputation management. The fact that a 2 year old Forbe’s article is still the first result is indication that this problem has been around for a while, and there’s still no good solution to it other than having more common sense than posting incriminating photos online/going on hateful, racist, sexist rants on your wall/feed.

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