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Influencer Marketing – Why do Youtubers have so Much Influence?

The World of YouTube Gaming and Influence Marketing


I don’t know who in the audience is reading the article, but I am old enough to remember using Encyclopedias for book reports, and I am young enough to enjoy watching YouTube videos on a regular basis. The last two decades have been an ultimate game changer in the way people create, exchange, and spread information. We live in a world, where the Internet has made the entire globe one large cultural melting pot. It is a drastic change that has opened doors for the best and the worst of humanity to offer.  Whether you think it is all worth it or not, is subjective to each person who has witness these changes firsthand.

influence marketing, Marketers and people in the entertainment industry, are also touched by the mixed bag that the Internet has to offer.  As for the good it does to marketers and entertainers, the Internet has brought them closer to their target audiences than ever before. The unfortunate thing for them is that they now are facing ever-increasing competition for market influence. Something that the established industries are not used to dealing with in general.

No longer do Hollywood starlets and athletes have the corner on trend setting and promoting products. Today’s Youtubers, Bloggers, and Social Media stars are demonstrating that they are gaining influence over pop culture, brand awareness, and trends as much as their more traditional counterparts.


Example: YouTube and the Gaming Industry


When I go to work at my other awesome retail job, I don’t see just see new merchandise from large corporations. I am also seeing new product from independent video game franchises like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Hello Neighbor.  Both of which who got their start by YouTube gaming reactors like Markiplier, GT Live, Jacksepticeye, and their audience.

These online personalities, through the YouTube fame alone, managed to make indie game creators popular enough for people to demand merchandise related to the game in brick and mortar stores. That is not done by people with little influence.


How Did Youtubers Become Strong Market Influencers?


influence marketing

Image belongs to Fine Bros


On the surface, it doesn’t look feasible. These are average joes playing video games in front of a camera while babbling on in front of the audience. Why did they get so popular?  By describing these influencers as I just did, I already answered my own question without realizing it. They are  regular people talking to their audience. That makes them relatable.


Traditional Media Stars and Non-Existent Relatibility


While it is fun to fantasize becoming a Hollywood starlet, or meeting your favorite singer from childhood, the accessibility to that person in traditional media is very limited both physically and emotionally at best. They are on the stage and behind the screen for you to watch, but they are putting up a performance, an artificial front that makes them available to everyone and no one. It makes them appear untouchable at best to their audiences, like gods who can’t stand to be in the presence of mere mortals on Earth for too long.

influence marketing, celebrity with fans, barrier

There is a literal barrier between the celebrity Amy Schumer and her fans

The chances that you have of seeing them act like regular people, are slim to none because they have an image to maintain as people of higher status. So, there is going to be less of an personal connection that can be made between a traditional celebrity and their audience.

And when there is little to no connection there, fans aren’t going to be as likely to buy what they are selling.

Would you buy something because an unapproachable star you don’t really know much about asked you to?

I wouldn’t because I don’t know them.

I don’t hate them or the brand, but I am indifferent, and anyone in marketing knows that indifference is even worse than hatred in this day and age of advertising.


New Media’s Authentic Influencers


With YouTube gamers, there is less of a barrier between the performer and the audience.  There is no major barrier between them and their audience,  no illusion of godhood. They are regular people playing video games that audiences love, usually for the first time. We get an interpersonal front row seat to authentic reactions from real people that are talking to the camera like the audience is their best friend.

mark fischbach, markiplier, youtuber with fans, market influencer

Markiplier taking a Selfie with oodles of fans!

They are unafraid to show up to places like gaming conventions where people can interact with them more closely. They openly share what is going on in their personal lives with their subscribers. If their dog died, or if they are going through a medical procedure, fans will know about it and send them flowers or their favorite snack.  That’s because these reactors have learned to build an authentic bond of trust between them and their subscribers.

It’s that authenticity that draws in their audience, and influences their audience towards the things they recommend.


What does this Mean for the Future in Marketing?

If any of you have read into millennial marketing studies, then you know that the latest of our generation are drawn to different things than their parents and grandparents. While Generation X or Y may have been drawn to things that make them feel rich or of a higher status, the Millenial generation are drawn to something much more different. They want an interpersonal connection between themselves and the things they own.

Instead of shaping their identity around the stuff they own, they are shaping the stuff they own around their identity. This means that they’d rather buy something they have a say in over a name brand luxury item.

And since the Millennial generation is gaining more spending power, I can only see this growing.

Status symbol or “In Name Only” brands who are unwilling to connect to their audience are going to die , while new entrepreneurs are continuing to reshape the market.

The only way that I can see established brands surviving  is if they find a way to strike a genuine connection between what they represent and their audience.



In a follow up to the video game example, some established gaming companies are not realizing the importance of connecting with the needs of their target demographic, and they are paying for it in huge losses. Maybe they should look to certain Youtubers for advice?


Do you want to know more about our opinions on other marketing choices? Do you want to know more about SEO? Maybe you need a website? Check us out!

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Geo filters: Snapchat into the Future of Marketing Part 4

Geo filters:

Snapchat Into the Future of Marketing Part 4

Need to tell the world where you are? Snapchat has geo filters! Today’s post, Part 4 in our series, will show you how to use this fun feature to increase business and drive traffic to your door. In Part 1 of this series, we introduced Snapchat as a tool not just for your kids, but as a way to promote your brand. Part 2 detailed specific benefits available through this app while Part 3 showed how you could create a brand story, save it to memories and promote it on your social networks.
Setting Up the Geo filter
snapchat_geofilterIn February 2016, Snapchat introduced geo filters, which allow users to create their own overlay to show where they are and what they are doing. Create a .png file in your favorite graphics editor. The image should be 1080 by 1920 pixels and have a transparent background. Design your filter, but be sure to leave enough space for a person’s face in the center of the image then upload the image to Snapchat. Select start and end dates and times then you can draw the “geofence” around your business area. The cost of this service starts at $5.00, but the price may vary depending on how long the filter remains active.
As a business, you can use any form of branding except photos of people, URLs, phone numbers or any content you don’t own when creating an On-Demand Geofilter.
Advertising, Engaging and Promoting
Man_handing_out_Advertising_TissuesSpecific ways you can advertise to your audience and get them engaged with your content so they can promote your business for you is for your company to:
Share New Products – Use snaps of your new items or sales promotions and use geo filters to announce the dates, times and any specific details about the launch.
Company Outreach – Do you want to bring awareness to a favorite charity? If you or your employees are volunteering or attending a charity event, create a filter to share this event with your customers and encourage them to participate with you and donate.
Personal Brand Filter – If your company has a booth at a trade show or your employees are attending a conference, snap some pictures and add your geo filter so other attendees can find you. And your customers may see your filter and decide to promote your business for you!
Traveling Geo-Stickers
traveling-by-carFlying to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, London, Sydney, Paris, São Paulo and Riyadh for business? In early August, Snapchat improved the app once more by introducing location specific filters. You will need to be in one of these cities to access the filters, but if you are, add a geo-sticker to your snaps and promote your business on-the-go!
Snapchat is not only a great way to share your stories, memories and funny filters for your friends, it also allows you interact with your customers and gives them insight into the daily happenings in your company. This interaction gets them engaged, inspires them to promote your business and drives new traffic to your front door.


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Authentic Product Story Telling

Authentic Product Story Telling – Snapchat Marketing Part 3

In Snapchat’s ever expanding mission to build “a photo app that doesn’t conform to unrealistic notions of beauty or perfection but rather creates a space to be funny, honest or whatever else you might feel like at the moment you take and share a Snap,” the app now includes a way to share a collection of photos and save them past their 24-hour shelf life. This authenticity can be turned into a marketing strategy using Stories and Memories.

Telling a Your Product’s Story

Brands like Gatorade and Sour Patch Kids know exactly how to reach their audience using Snapchat and that means making up stories about their products.

You want your marketing campaign to include all your company snaps over a 24-hour period with such content as employees working on various tasks (maybe ask each employee to take a few snaps to add to the story), clients visiting, lunch meetings, afternoon coffee, a deadline rush on a new product or service and maybe capture some snaps of the team at drinks after work. The key to Snapchat Stories is to show realism (it is recommended to keep content G-rated since the age range for app starts in the early teens) and a day-in-the-life of your company. Add graphics, emojis, and stickers to the images to complement your brand personality and put your business’s experimental, fun side on display.

Some great examples of “Story” telling with Snapchat are:



General Electric

19897191904_27709a854a_bHolding Products in your Customer’s Memory

Not only can you hold your products in Snapchat’s new Memories feature – a shareable, searchable archive of snaps and Stories – a little longer but in doing so you can share them on Snapchat (or on any other social media outlet) to engage your customers and prospective users. Memories also allow you to access your camera roll so if you’ve taken pictures at events that you want to include in your brand story but have not taken them through the Snapchat app, including them is now a snap!

Some ideas on how to mix new and existing content to get the most out of the Memories feature for your business:

  • Showcase a Product Rollouts – Pull in all the images, snaps, or videos you’ve compiled between design and implementation of your products than produce this compilation as a Memory.
  • Use Days of the Week Social Media Tags – Say it’s Throwback Thursday (#TBT), use images you’ve taken when your business was getting started and show a progression of events leading to your success today in Memory format. Wednesday Wisdom and Tuesday Thoughts will allow you to make liberal use of the Snapchat’s text feature!
  • Share Your Company Business and Influencer Access – Do you own a software company? Are you a start-up venture capitalist? A clothing manufacturer? Share a day in the life of your company or a special niche you have such as writing simple code to add colorful fonts to a website or how to wear a seasonal scarf. Use the text feature to allow your customers to gain access to you and your expertise. Ask your customers to send you snaps or videos of their questions!

Snapchat is a deceptively simple app with lots of marketing potential where campaigns can be created and relayed instantly then quickly disappear only to produce more anticipation for the next big ad promotion. Look for Part 4 of this post where we will show you how to advertise your business with geo filters!


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5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 2

mobile-social-heroWith 23% of all online users and a younger demographic than Facebook, brand advocates can be created by engaging influencers in a conversation, re-tweeting posts, creating mentions, and by having valuable, personal and persuasive content in your tweets.

In the second part of our 3 part series, we show how you can improve your Twitter marketing campaign by engaging your customers and using the analysis tools provided on the platform to increase your brand awareness.

Get Engaged

As a marketing strategy, you can bring more attention to your brand if you identify and join conversations related to your industry on Twitter. Look for life events, news or products connected with your business. Make sure you have an appealing bio as well as high-resolution graphics and a brand logo so that when users jump to your page for details, they can see you are professional and worth engaging!

periscopeTo further connect with followers, make a list of keywords related to your product or service then do a search to bring up the top tweets based on the search entered. You can also select to view live tweets which will show you the most recent activity specific to your search.

If you find a post that you think would be of interest to your followers you can retweet it and a notification will be sent to the person who originally created the tweet. An individual response can also be sent to a person who created the original tweet. Either way, you have engaged with someone who shares interests in similar brands. A retweet will display in both timelines; however, a response will only show in the original creator’s timeline.

Adding a mention (@mention) to the conversation will also encourage engagement and will display in both the timelines for you and the person being mentioned. The real goal is to build relationships, add value and show respect for those reviewing your product information.

3911634112_f3a87b7d88Another place to become engaged is through Lists. Twitter Lists contain the brands you and your company like to follow and you can make this list public or private. You might create a list of brands related to your product and share it with your followers to spark a conversation. Or you could share a specifically curated list with prospective clients indicating you understand their needs and want to provide value.

Other areas of free brand awareness to explore are Advanced Search and Lead Generation Cards.

Analyze the Data

Measuring what’s happening on Twitter with your impressions, tweets received, engagement rate, overall reach and clicks made, can easily be seen through Twitter Analytics. This site will show you tweet rankings, profile visits, mentions, how many tweets were linked to you and highlights such as Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower and Top Media Tweet. You can gauge what posts do well and plan your content marketing strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics can also be used to measure your Twitter successes through the Reporting tab.

By getting the audience engaged and then analyzing your posts, you could be well on your way to being a top influencer on the platform.

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5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 1

5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 1

A Twitter marketing campaign reaches influencers and users alike with a few simple steps and can propel your business with more click-through rates and engagement. Part 1 in a series this month discusses how to begin your marketing strategy.

True, Twitter does have 23% of online users and claims a younger demographic; however, new users (men and those 65 and older) are setting up accounts every day. Taking advantage of this growing audience can be as easy as following the prompts to setup Twitter Ads and posting between noon and 6pm during the week. Brand advocates are created all the time by engaging influencers in a conversation, re-tweeting posts, creating mentions, and by having valuable, personal and persuasive content in your tweets.  Twitter is also creating new ways to advertise all the time.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll cover how you can create a Twitter marketing campaign and bring your business to the forefront of social media. In this post, we cover the first two steps in your strategy – defining your object and making the marketing plan personal.

Define Your Objective

Prior to starting any marketing campaign, goals must be defined. Determine what you hope to accomplish and ask questions: “What do I want to achieve with my campaign?” “Who is my target market?” “How can I best reach them?”

Be Personal

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Once a marketing strategy has been created, consider how you want your company to be perceived on
Twitter. Write posts based on the company personality; add a human element to the business. Keep the content personal but professional. Create a “voice” for the organization and make it consistent.

If you are a company that does accounting, but you want to come across as accessible, reach your audience with some fun tips or a training video on how to record their monthly expenses. Maybe create a few tweets linking to the simplest and most used apps for money management: “Don’t be stressed during tax time 2016! Use to download the best apps to record your expenses all year long!” The content is engaging, helpful to the user and interesting because it will solve a problem for them. No sales pitch – just a personal conversation about fixing a problem.

Along with sharing unique content, you need to speak with your audience as you would a close friend. Use plain language, pull large industry-only words, slang or lingo out of your Twitter vocabulary; you need to make your audience feel like you understand them, not that you must be the smartest person in social media. Save the industry jargon for your next convention! Be personal and personable, but skip the self-promotion.  Users want to read valuable content and become genuinely interested.

Defining goals, making the content personal and creating a voice for your company are just the first steps in getting your marketing strategy going strong. In Part 2 of this series this month, we will discuss how to get your audience engaged and generate leads from that engagement.

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15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions for 2015

New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition stretching back as long as anyone can remember. They’re also the first promises broken in the new year. But business owners and entrepreneurs have different standards to live by. That’s why it’s always interesting to look at what they’ve pledged to bring into the new year.

An article published in Business News Daily asked 15 entrepreneurs what their resolutions for 2015 were, and the results were interesting. The replies, from digital marketers to clothing line owners, ranged from economic growth to team appreciation. Not all of these goals can be applied to your business, but give the article a once over. See if one of these resolutions doesn’t peak your interest.

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions for 2015 | Business News Daily

For more articles like this, check us out at

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