The Purple Tie Show Episode 92

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Guys, we took a week off. Sorry. Moving on.

Last week we recorded about 15 minutes of terrible podcast and decided that we just weren’t up to the task. Rather than releasing something that was subpar, we took a week off, regrouped, and now we’ve got some excellent content for you!

A recap of what we talked about last week was:

Retro Pie and Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacker Blackbox

Apple may be moving into Carnegie Library

Apple also just injected about $200 million dollars into Corning Glass

Dragon Naturallyspeaking

We’ll be going back to Dragon next week probably. It’s a great program, but it has a lot left to be desired when it comes to transcription.

There are rumors swirling about Apple possibly taking the Ipad mini off the market. I’m not sure where I found that article, but I completely believe it. In a world where you can get a 6″ phone, there’s so little need for a 7 or 8 inch tablet that doesn’t let you make phone calls. It would be a smart move on Apple’s part if for no other reason than to funnel the money previously allocated to the mini into something else like the iPhone or one of their various failing computer lines (I’m looking at you MacBook Pro and Mac Pro).

Here’s a link to the Motel 6 radio ad made for millennials. You decide if it’s appropriate for airplay (of course, we do say AF quite a few times during the show today, sooooooo?)

We briefly talked about being a great artist but still needing a sales team. That’s why creatives hire agents who know their way around the market. So they don’t have to sell their own products. They just pay someone else to do that for them.

Tesla announced their solar roof shingle replacements a while back, and I’ve been salivating for them ever sense. I love the idea of putting solar panels on my roof, but when I check on pricing years ago it was astronomical (hundreds of thousands of dollars). Finding out that these shingle replacements are more durable and cheaper than traditional roof materials was so exciting, I started saving money for a new roof IMMEDIATELY. And now they have the ability to PRINT solar conductive material and put it literally anywhere. As Robert points out in the podcast, you can take a huge roll of it into the desert, unroll it and suddenly have power! It’s such an amazing time for alternative fuels. In 20 or 30 years, maybe a huge percentage of roofs in the U.S. will be solar. Maybe we’ll actually begin reversing some of the effects of pollution due to fossil fuel emissions. Or maybe nothing will change at all. We’ll just have to wait and see. I, for one, will have a solar powered roof!

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