The Purple Tie Show Episode 85

Web Design Isn’t Easy

I’m not talking about or linking to the article. They’re a terrible publication that knows little to nothing about actual business (according to the article we mention in the show). But to clarify, website design and building is worth SO MUCH MORE than $100 PER WEBSITE, computer repair (done properly) is not a viable side business, and posting cute cat pictures as someone else’s social media manager is not the same as being an ad manager. Online advertising requires more than a meme generator.

Moving on.

We kind of rambled on this section, so I’m not 100% about what I need to add here. I’ve uploaded a copy of the business card design we were doing for the client. To recap what I do recall, when you’re making a new brand you have to consider all types of things that may not be immediately evident. Like, living in Alabama, you can’t use blue and orange as a color combination without people assuming you’re a fan of the Auburn football team. The same can be said for using a deep crimson color (which is the team color for Alabama Crimson Tide). And as silly as it may seem, you’ll lose potential customers because of the unconscious decision they make that you don’t like the same football team as them.

Lastly, we talked about managing projects vs planning them. I’m not going into details because at The Purple Tie we’re discreet with our clients, but I wasted a ton of time on this over the past week. If it had been managed better, I would have been able to get a lot more work done for both the client in question and for others that needed my help.

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