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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 80

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Purple Tie! It’s been a heck of a year. We’ve all had our ups and downs, but a new year is just around the corner, and no one knows what’s in store for us!

Congratulations to Jacob, the highly unpaid intern, for graduating college and purchasing his new car! He bought a Honda Civic with Apple Car Play. Granted, the vehicle comes with an Android version as well, but let’s be real here. He bought it STRICTLY for the Apple Car Play. Okay, maybe not, but it was a deciding factor. Okay, maybe not that either, but it was in there. I was told something a long time ago by someone who works in the automotive industry. The smarter and safer we make cars, the more terrible drivers become. That’s because the cars will correct for mistakes and make driving less about the driver driving and more about getting from one place to another. I know that sounds strange, but when you think about it, it makes sense. With things like lane assist and break hold, it gives the driver every excuse not to pay attention to actually driving and let’s them do something else entirely.

Apple is reportedly putting Mac Pro, MacBook and iMac development on the back burner while the company focuses on iOS devices. This makes sense considering how much money they rake in every year from those devices, but that also means that Mac OS X devices will no longer be getting the innovation they’ve seen in the last decade. We talked about the MacBook Pro on the show, but there’s been little to no advancement on iMacs and Mac Pros in recent years. And that lack luster touch bar was a disappointment on so many levels.

I use Pandora for my everyday listening because I’ve been using it for YEARS AND YEARS, but the golden child at the moment is Spotify. All of my employees are listening to their own stations and customizing their collections to their own unique tastes. But streaming on your phone eats through data quickly. Second only to video, music streaming will tear through your data plan. If you’re using Pandora, good news! You’re already streaming at the lowest possible quality. If you’re on basically any other service, go into your settings and turn it down. Trust me, your data plan and pocket book will thank you later.

I said I’d put the link to the Healthy Up and Coming Restaurants in the show notes, but I can’t find it now. I apologize. When I find the link I’ll put it in here. If you’re listening on iTunes, go to http://purpletieguys.com and find this episode.

Nokia is famous for how durable their older phones were. And now they’re bringing them back! That’s right, you’ll be able to get a Nokia Candybar Phone sometime next year. And you won’t be able to break this one either.

And lastly, we talked about giving your clients too many options. We were giving three different levels of customization on websites that could be financed, but we’ve quickly found out that there’s just too much play in the contract for either party to get a decent deal. So, we’re removing all but a single finance option. This will make it easier for our clients and for us. Win, win.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 79

I don’t remember why we were talking about Floppy Disks, but here’s the Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floppy_disk

We were right, by the way. There’s an 8 inch floppy, too. It held a whopping 1.2 Mb in the last iteration.

Also, here’s the tablet we were talking about. http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/latitude-517x-laptops/pd

It’s a great little computer that gives you all the benefits of a carry-around tablet with the power of an actual laptop. But you’ll need some accessories to complete the package.

And last but not least, Homeless Care Kits. Here’s a practical list of things that a homeless person may need. http://www.morewithlessmom.com/index.php/2015/11/18/real-deal-care-packages-for-homeless/#list

As usual, we talked about the Apple [INSERT PRODUCT HERE]. This week it’s the Apple Watch again. But we had to return the original because of defects in the glass. And, as usual, the holier-than-thou store employee showed his ass. [INSERT STORE EMPLOYEE HERE] since it could be any of them. Typically. Not always.

Also, check out Windows 10 if you haven’t already. The latest updates make it very usable and quite enjoyable.

The last thing we discussed today was Trump being named Person of the Year. Good for him! After all the mudslinging that went on this election season I’m surprised anyone got out alive!

Now, we talked about some sappy stuff this show. We helped a family in mourning after the loss of a beloved wife, mother and sister. And we helped a young lady after the loss of her father. And these are things we are proud of. We didn’t expect any compensation (although it was forced upon us in both instances), and we will gladly help anyone else we can, in that respect. And this holiday season, we hope you will take that same point of view. Help someone who needs help. They’ll appreciate it even if they don’t know how to say it.

Merry Christmas from The Purple Tie!

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 78

Basement Floods and Amazon Go

In Christmas of 2015, Robert’s house/the studio almost flooded. When I say it almost flooded, I mean that there was water literally 36 inches from the front door and only slightly further away from the back door. It was a terrifying time. And it lasted for 48 hours or so. This year, about a week ago, it happened again. Only this time there were tornadoes, too. So, to Robert’s surprise, when you opened the local weather app to stream weather coverage you’re greeted with a 30 second ad for a local heating and air company. Now, this is normal for the app, but Robert argues that it should be suspended while there’s the threat of severe weather happening. I suggest that the news stations should build a severe weather app that doesn’t have any ads but doesn’t display regular weather, only severe weather.

Also, they found a dinosaur tail encased in amber. It has feathers! So, super neat.

We talk about the downfall of Pebble and how that “forced” Robert to buy an Apple Watch. The short version? It worked better than his other options. Check out the link for more info about what happened to Pebble. I’m still not certain why they went out of business, but FitBit bought some of their assets. And people. So, slavery? Of course, we’ve equated big business to legalized slavery in the past, so there’s that.

Amazon Go is a grocery store that you don’t have to pay anyone, has no registers or cashiers, and you just walk in and walk out and your Amazon account is charged. Cool idea. We’ll see how people game it in the near future when they open around the country.

While discussing the Amazon Go store we briefly discussed McDonald’s replacing their cashiers with automated kiosks (please note this article is from a year ago, meaning this isn’t anything new). And this led into Wendy’s outsourcing their drive thru squawk box order takers. Yeah, it happened. In 2006!

And that, in turn, led into the evolution of the drive thru and how there are not multiple lanes, which is insane.

If you haven’t heard of Games Done Quick, they’re a speed running community that raises money for charities by streaming speed runs and accepting donations while they’re streaming. It’s an intriguing concept that I thought was well past its time when compared to the old PBS telethons. When I was little, my local PBS station would do a talent show and take call in donations to raise money. They hardly ever hit their goal, and these telethons would go on for days. Summer Games Done Quick raised a quarter of a million dollars! In 24 hours or something ridiculous like that! I hypothesize that the old fashioned talent show telethon simply evolved into the focused fundraisers we see today.

Oh, and a thief got caught stealing a BMW in a really cool way. Which led to us talking about the Police Grappler.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 77

MSRP: The list price, also known as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), or the recommended retail price (RRP), of a product is the price at which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product. The intention was to help to standardize prices among locations. While some stores always sell at, or below, the suggested retail price, others do so only when items are on sale or closeout/clearance. – via Wikipedia

Here we are again, the day after Black Friday. We’ve discussed Black Friday in the past. I’m not a big fan of the pseudo-holiday, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not necessary any longer. And the fact that some manufacturers create their own knockoff versions of their own products specifically to sell on Black Friday just disgusts me. Undermine your entire brand just to make a few extra dollars on a single day out of the year? Why?

www.holidayhole.com It’s a real thing. Go check it out. Right now they’re up to $87,000+ just to have a giant hole dug for no reason. It’s put on by the Cards Against Humanity company. They do strange things each Black Friday to show exactly how stupid the day is. Last year they took donations for ? wait for it ? nothing. They took the donated money and divided it among all the employees. No charities in sight. Go donate!

That’s a perfect transition into Holiday-Free zones! Robert has basically barricaded his home against any and all holidays. That’s right. No decorations. No thematically correct music. Not even a holiday-themed episode of his favorite shows. And let’s face it. Sometimes you need a holiday-free zone. Christmas, especially, is a stressful time of year. Sometimes you just want to go into a place and not be bombarded by CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE OMG LOOK AT SANTA AND BUY ALL THESE THINGS!!!!!!!

We briefly talked about foreign governments blocking internet-based messaging apps because they were cutting into the profits of the local telecom businesses.

We deliberated about why home ec is no longer offered and what they should add to it if it ever comes back.

And last but not least: Stop feeling like you’re not good enough! I felt like I wasn’t good enough to charge for my services for a long time. Now, I’m well into my 30’s, and it’s taken me this long to realize that my skills are worth the money. So are yours. Stop feeling like you’re not good enough.

Oh, and that book title is:

You Don’t Have to be a Shark: Creating Your Own Success by Robert Herjavec


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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 76

SEO will be changed by how voice search and other such unknown search activities process the information. If only the relevant information is presented then other websites that aren’t in the #1 slot won’t even be presented as an option, thus eliminating any ad revenue that would have been generated.

We baked a LOT of sugar cookies this weekend. Some were purple. Some were blonde. All of them were delicious. And we’re going to use them to get a foot in the door with some of our potential clients. It’s a form of guerrilla marketing that is sure to make everyone in the office happy.

We nixed Indoor Marketing. Manpower is our limiting factor, but that wasn’t the only reason we decided against it.

Of course, we always work on the weekend. Because there’s never enough time during the work week.

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away! People, stop jumping into Christmas so early! There’s a holiday in between, and it’s one you should always observe. Even if you live alone and away from your family.

Videogame DLC is engrained in the business model of most game companies. But customers have gotten savvy to the notion of paying for something that may or may not have already been created by the time the game was released. We also brought up micro-transactions, but I don’t want to rant in the show notes so we’ll just leave it at that.

Also, the Salvation Army National Commander is Willam A. Roberts, and he was compensated $131,243  in 2012.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 75

We started using a stock photography site called Stock Unlimited. And we’d love it if you used our promo code! If you’re interested or in need of stock photos or vector graphics, head over to http://purpletieguys.com/stock and let us introduce you to a wonderful site. Now, granted, this conversation was all over the place, and I can’t quite remember everything we talked about. But I’m almost positive that we swung back around to referral links and how it can help in your business.

I’m still not going to tell you what the next expansion of The Purple Tie is going to be. Needless to say, it’ll be awesome. Now, with that out of the way, knowing when to expand is a difficult thing to realize. We didn’t always know that we needed to expand in FavGeek. Usually, it only happened after a period of growing pains, when we were working at capacity then having that flow of work slow down. Those are some scary and trying times. But like the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. You’ll know when the time is right for your company, just keep your eyes open.

And lastly, we talk about Prop 64 in California. That’s legal weed for everyone who hasn’t listened to the show yet. And we weave our way through bootleggers, alcohol taxation, cigarettes, and back around to legal weed and growing it in your basement. Now The Purple Tie doesn’t endorse drug use in any way. We do, however, endorse taxation of said drug. And if that means I can drive through downtown without worrying that my car is going to fall into a giant pothole (no pun intended), then that’s what I call a win-win.

Oh, and there’s one more thing about Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Home changing SEO forever ? but we’re all out of time. Tune in next week when we will hopefully talk about voice dictation taking over the world.

Side Note: The Alabama Beverage Control’s website is a labyrinth of misdirection and sorcery. I dare not look at it again lest I go insane. But feel free to go digging around for the information you’re looking for.

And yes, there’s a license for just about every part of agriculture.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 74

Happy Halloween! We hope everyone has a safe and fun time trick-or-treating. Also, lots of candy.

The saga of the new car continues with a malfunctioning engine in the middle of a six-lane highway. We’ll keep you updated when new information arises.

This week, we wove common sense through many of our segments. Discussing things as straightforward as parking, we also talked about turning mistakes into learning experiences.

Something that bothers Robert to no end is someone coming up to him and saying, “I need to talk to you, but not right now.” He tends to think the worst (and has rarely been disappointed), but I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. I simply shrug it off and continue my day. But at the end of the day, it’s simply rude to initiate a conversation then immediately terminate it just to start it again later. Manners!

At some point, we discussed the new Apple TV 4th Generation. It’s got lots of new fancies. Bluetooth, touch-sensitive remote. Actual apps. Robert loves watching Lynda.com videos on it. Very convenient username and password dictation. It’s worth the extra $10 to upgrade to the 64 Gb model.

We talked about being a little fish, meaning a small business with less than 10 employees. That doesn’t mean you’re a little fish. That is just a way of narrowing the field for larger companies when they’re taking on new clients. It’s an easy way to dismiss someone they don’t want to work with. And it’s not right. Small businesses make up the majority of the money generate in the US each year, not the other way around.

And finally, we talk about how PCs and Macs are no longer a commodity. In the early 2000’s and late 90s, computer prices dropped drastically, creating the cheap, $300 laptop that anyone could afford. But with the rise of mobile and tablet computing, personal computers and Macs will have to raise their prices to regain the lost revenue. Computers will NEVER sell as well as they did in the past two decades. The only way to make up that missing cash is to raise the price again.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 73

On Thursday, we experienced the largest cyber attack that I personally have ever been affected by. It took out large portions of the East Coast’s DNS (which renders the internet mostly unusable). So, we decided, since it was such a great day, we’d get outside and take some photos. We spent a few hours going around town and getting some vanity shots for the Nationwide agency website we were building. It was a pleasant day that ended with us finding the “Tunnel of Booze.” Just listen, you’ll learn all about it.

And, strangely, we spend the next half hour debating (not really) why a website is better than a business card. The correct answer is: in every way. But I digress.

Then, we rolled a whole bunch of stuff into the last talking point. We started off by pointing out that Apple has added ads to the App store (which I briefly brought up last week). We then progressed over to talking about the $50 Amazon phone that pumps ads directly to the lock screen. I haven’t played with one personally, but it sounds like a great phone for teenagers or younger people. This led into discussion about ads in paid services, like Hulu. I understand why they do this. If you can get more money for the same service, why not do that? But as a customer, I find it hard to swallow that I’m paying money for the convenience of this service, and on top of that, I’m paying additionally in time by being forced to watch these ads. Ads have their place, just not in a paid service.

And lastly, we discuss Nintendo’s newest game system, The Switch. I describe it pretty well in the show so I won’t rehash it here. Robert thinks the entire concept is flawed (that’s a nice way of saying he said it was stupid), but I think it’s brilliant. Combining the two best parts of Nintendo (handheld and console) is genius. And Nintendo has always been an innovative company, going all the way back to the OG NES.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 72

Over the course of 10 days, Robert eventually traded out a repaired iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB (that happened to be a very nice shade of pink) in to AT&T for a new, 128 GB Space Gray iPhone 6s Plus. The details are extensively covered in the podcast, but let’s just say it took some doing to get it finished.

Samsung’s faulty Note 7 has forced customers to change their phone, and the Pixel is the perfect candidate. AT&T was the first carrier to stop selling the Note 7 altogether after the replacement phones started catching on fire, just like the original line. T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint followed suit. Since you can purchase a new Pixel outright for a good chunk of change less than a Note 7, Verizon customers have the perfect option. The Pixel is Google’s newest in-house phone, and it’s wonderful. Taking the place of the Nexus line, the Pixel is leaps and bounds ahead of it predecessor. Look for the Pixel to take Samsung’s place as the leading phone on any store.

Google Maps has become synonymous with GPS and travel in general now that every smartphone on the planet can have access to it. And that got me wondering: what is Google’s end-plan for their mapping software. The search giant has turned almost every other product they’ve created into an ad revenue generator, but Maps has strangely been put by the wayside. We speculate that, eventually, you’ll have popup, ad-based locations injected into your routes. Or, even worse, a delay to use the navigation at all until you’ve watched an ad video.

Copyright is a whole can of worms that will take far too long to get into in the show notes. Heck, even on the show, it’s too large a subject to cover completely. Here’s a link to read up on Copyright Law and what you should do to avoid getting taken to court over something.


We briefly got into selling stock photography, and it’s a tough business. Not all of your photos will be accepted, and the payment terms are ridiculous on certain sites. If you’re a photographer or artist thinking of getting into the stock artwork world, do your homework before getting into bed with a single site. Check around for something that fits your needs and doesn’t feel like they’re ripping you off.

Tech support is something that we know very well. I’ve personally done tech support for nearly 15 years, Robert for 22. It’s a learned skill and not something that comes naturally to everyone. A huge percentage of tech support is strictly customer service, keeping the customers calm while you try to figure out what’s wrong. And a large part of that is doing it in a way that doesn’t belittle the customer or make them feel like they’re stupid for calling in the first place. We’ve got some stories to tell.

And lastly, Apple has added Ads to the App store (that’s a mouth full, try to say it quickly). I noticed it when I went to reinstall the Apple News app. I searched for News and at the very top was an Ad for the Wall Street Journal, highlighted in yellow, with an Ad marker next to it. It’s a news app, for sure, but they paid to be placed at the top of all search results with “news” in them. It’s brilliant, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get implemented.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 71

Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza is one of our client’s. And like any client sometimes they need special attention. So, last week we gave them a visit, sat down and talked with Tina (one of the owners), and had some of their delicious pizza. If you’re in Huntsville, I highly suggest checking them out.

While we were in town, we decided to visit a prospect on our list, Mad County Winery. It’s operated by the good Rev. Cotton Williams. He’s a born natural showman, giving us the history and current story of their business. Robert sampled nearly every wine they had, which was a feat since the wines are 40 proof (about 20% alcohol), and he ended up settling on a Banana Coosh wine to take home with him. It definitely tastes like Laffy Taffy.

This weekend we decided to forego RC racing and dug out our camera equipment again. We got some great shots of an ancient cemetery where some of the Bankhead’s are buried. It was a lot of fun.

We talked a little bit about how some people are complaining about the Portraiture mode of the iPhone 7 cutting off the tops of inanimate objects. Now, if only they’d complain about the iterative nature of the iPhone itself. Maybe we’d get something truly revolutionary. And, then again, maybe we’ll just get another Samsung Galaxy debacle. The batteries in the iPhone 7’s are also combusting with very little jostling. A UK man had one melt to his leg after he fell off his bike while riding down a path. He had to have a skin graft it was so bad. And Apple is claiming it was “mishandled.” Of course they are. They don’t want to admit that every iPhone they’ve sold is a potential fire hazard.

Are we living in a  simulation? I have no idea. But some smart people seem to thinks it’s a very good possibility. Enough of a possibility that they’ve started pouring money into finding a way to stop it.

And to cap off this insane show, Taco Bell is now the healthy fast food company out there.

Welcome to America.

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