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Episode 7: If They Aren’t A Scammer I’ll Give You A Crisp $20 Bill

Have you ever had your Google My Business listing taken away? Happened to me. It was very stressful, and it took a full 3 days to get it back. All be it without (spoilers) our reviews. Yep. Our wonderful, well written, glowing reviews that all of our satisfied customers have left us, gone. Blinked out of existence by an angry Google.

Oh, and an Apple (possibly, we’re not 100% on this yet) employee decided that taking a dump on one of our paid advertisements was a good idea. Do you think it’s a good idea? Here’s a hint: It’s not. There’s no reason for an employee of a company that we do repairs for should ever interact with our advertisements. Especially not to do what he did. Listen on and be amazed.

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Episode 6: They Could Literally Serve Me Hot Garbage

Today we discuss the client/customer who’s never happy, no matter what you do. And we get interrupted about half way through by a phone call from my Mom. Stay tuned! Also, happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you’re having a safe and wonderfully awkward family dinner with that one aunt that no one likes. You know the one.

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Google Algorithm Update “Medic” Wreaks Havoc On The Medical Industry

Google Algorithm Update “Medic” Wreaks Havoc On The Medical Industry

Most people aren’t aware that Google is constantly changing stuff behind the scenes, making your search experience easier and search results more relevant. To that end, we wanted to let you know about the most recent update, labeled “Medic.”

The label “Medic” was given to this latest change because it primarily targets health industry websites. Although, other sites were affected by the most recent changes, as well, the health and medical industry were the primary focus because of the uptick in recent “gray” area websites that could be seen as more of a scam than a legitimate business or company.

Your Money or Your Life

Another area affected is YMYL, or Your Money or Your Life; websites about banking, wellness, insurance, etc. Google gives some guidelines for YMYL sites, but I’ll paraphrase.

Basically it’s any site that asks for personally identifiable information (driver’s license, bank account, etc), pages that allow purchases (any page that lets you buy something), pages that give medical information that could impact your well-being, pages that give advice on major life decisions (like parenting, buying a house or car, etc.), and pages that offer advice on major life issues (like legal or financial advice).

When asked, Google said that if your website was affected, there isn’t anything you can do to immediately change the shift in search position.

If you were shifted up, it was because your website was seen to give more value than the sites that were shifted below you. If you were shifted down, it was to give sites that were previously overlooked more prominence, since they were “previously under-rewarded,” according to Google.

“What can I do if I was pushed down?!”

I hear you crying out. If you’re already putting out quality content on a regular basis, then you’re already doing it. Google says that over time, your site may rise relative to other pages if it proves to be more authoritative than the rest.

If you’re not currently producing quality content (blog posts, podcasts, or video), I’d suggest you start. By producing content about your business, you’ll be more likely to be pushed to the top of Google search results. Just don’t expect changes overnight. Search engine optimization is a long game.

If you’re not sure if you’ve been affected and want to find out, give us a call at (256) 585-6425 x 101 or schedule a time to chat at http://purpletieguys.com/book .

For a more in-depth analysis of the algorithm update, check out Search Engine Land’s article.

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Episode 5: Soak An Entire Roll Of Toilet Paper In Kerosene

Guys and gals, we’re still trying to hash out this whole Mac Mini situation. And we detail portions of it in this episode. We also obtusely discuss the scammer situation in the after market sales arena. To sum it up for you here: It’s bad. Like, real bad. To the point that I ended up just taking my listings down because I never got any legitimate offers from actual local people. So, beware scammers when trying to sell your used items.

We discussed Apple. Again. A lot. Sorry not sorry.

And we bought a Chromebox! Having a full fledged, fully functional browser on your TV is kind of surreal. Something that pre-teen me would have salivated over.


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Episode 4: It’s Gonna Be A Power Horse Computer

It’s interesting when you’re trying to purchase a used Apple product. People tend to have an overblown sense of what the price should be for something. A 6 year old computer, even an Apple computer, isn’t worth several hundred dollars. But I digress.

We get off to a great start complaining about a review for the Mac Mini. And we made some truly insightful things about the Mac products gained through this terrible review.

There’s a brief discussion about why you’ll never see Mac OS X available for purchase without Mac hardware.

Later we also talked about the differences between Microsoft’s business model versus Apple’s business model.


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Episode 3: Fresh Baked Lies

Well, we managed to squeeze another podcast out this week. This one is all about the Apple Keynote that dropped on Oct. 30th. They introduced a new MacBook Air, a new Mac Mini, and a new iPad Pro. All with impressive hardware spec bumps.

We get into a bit of a discussion about a YouTube reviewer who reviewed the keynote, claiming that the new iPad is for the 1%. We also discuss the futility of upgrading your Mac products.

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Episode 2: The Most Ridiculous Business Card Sized Phone

Let’s get this out of the way. I was wrong about a lot of stuff on the Palm Phone off the bat. The cameras and storage, specifically. Here’s a link to a review by The Verge. If you’re interested in getting this extremely small smartphone, and you’re already on Verizon, and you’ve already got a data plan and phone service with them, here’s a link to the product page for the (snicker) Palm Companion Device.

We also discussed Google’s G Suite of products, specifically the email service. It’s leaps and bounds better than the C-Panel email we’d been using before. If you have been thinking about moving your email servers away from your web host, DO IT! What’s keeping you! Do it, now! And used Google’s G Suite.

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Episode 1: Mt. Olive, you may have heard of the pickles.

In our premiere episode, Robert and I talk about getting started in business together, our lives before entreprenuership, and everything in between (without going into too much detail).

Join us as we go through the trials and tribulations of being business owners in our brand new podcast, The Purple Tie Show!

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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Marketing Consultant

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant is not an easy job, but in the digital age, it feels like there is so much to keep track of. Metrics, trends, and analytics data are more accessible than ever, but at the same time, it takes such a great effort cognitive- and time-wise to truly make use of them all.

This exasperation with the complexity of marketing is the decision point at which you may find yourself thinking about hiring a marketing consultant for your business. In digital marketing, you might find that it’s especially important to do this with SEO, which requires a large time and effort investment to get right and implement.

Hiring an SEO marketing consultant isn’t any more or less involved than hiring any other kind of consultant, but it comes with its own unique challenges. Here’s what you need to know.

Freelancer Or Agency?

In hiring your consultant, the first question you’ll have to answer is that of the budget, and that directly leads to a freelancer vs agency dilemma.

Freelancers are cheaper than agencies, and it’s typically faster to get the ball rolling with them since you’re only dealing with one person rather than a team. However, freelancers don’t have the benefit of the combined expertise of a dedicated SEO marketing team, and on top of that, they may well be juggling several projects at once, which can cause them to prioritize another client if they become overloaded at any time. It’s an unpredictable prospect.

On top of that, if your needs have a somewhat large scope, you might end up having to hire several freelancers at once, which requires micromanagement on an unwieldy scale because you’re going to have to align your objectives with each individual freelancer at once. And of course, if any single freelancer leaves the team, you’re going to have to go through a lengthy turnover process.

A better bet, even if it’s a more expensive one, is to hire a dedicated SEO marketing agency. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you’ll also get the benefits of having a team work on your project for you, with dedicated account managers and specialists taking care of alignment, reports, implementation, and team management. All you’ll have to worry about is the fulfillment of your SEO needs, not how it’s done behind the scenes.

And of course, working with an agency means building a long-term partner with whom you develop a relationship, who would eventually share your vision with you and understand your needs better than anyone else.

How To Choose A Consultant

As with any kind of consultant, choosing your SEO marketing consultant requires you to ask a few questions about their background and how they can help you.

1. How successful is your work with your other clients?

A successful SEO marketing consultant’s work should be plainly obvious – their clients should be highly-ranked in their niche on search engine results pages! Answering this question should involve determining whether their clients’ websites experienced improvements in their rankings on SERPs, and whether the consultant’s work is directly involved in these improvements.

Another quick way to determine if their work is good is to check their own website’s performance in their marketing niche. Many consultants market themselves within their region, so you can look up something like “SEO marketing agency [city/region/province/state]” and look for their ranking.

Finally, if they have any case studies to offer, that would be an extremely useful way of determining their success. Not only will you see how effective their work was, but you’ll also get a glimpse of their practices.

2. What are your methods in implementing SEO practices?

Asking this question and getting a meaningful answer involves researching about SEO on your own. Learn about best practices and deprecated techniques. See what makes good SEO keyword research tick. And of course, look for red flags like the use of Private Blog Networks or article spinning. Compare all that you find out, against the practices that your consultant candidate intends to use.

3. What are your KPIs and reporting methods?

Every business will have different ways of determining their success, and a good SEO marketing consultant will know how to isolate these key performance indicators and report them. Elucidating these reports and indicators to you will show how well they can demonstrate the success of their efforts – and thus your return on investment with them. It’s also important for them to report to you frequently and effectively, while not needing to be micromanaged.

Don’t Cheap Out

Good SEO is expensive, let’s get that out of the way. And it has to be because cheap SEO won’t just be ineffective, but it may even damage your SEO ratings! Cheaper SEO consultants and agencies often use shady or outdated tactics to improve your search engine rankings.

For example, we mentioned Private Blog Networks, which are sites that you can pay to have links to your site included in their posts. Google and other search engines are constantly cracking down on PBNs, and punishing sites that make use of them. If your potential consultant says that they make use of “link schemes” that don’t involve organic traffic, turn around and walk away!

They may also use keyword stuffing, an old holdover from the early days of search engines, which is another SEO “technique” that will end up getting your site treated as spam and sent into search engine oblivion, never to be found.

Finally, they may also output low-quality content. After all, good content needs not only the expertise of the marketing consultant, but also an editor, a manager, research skills, and all these other man-hours that you simply can’t cheap out on.

Start Early

The minute your digital marketing presence is created, it should be optimized to improve its rankings in your niche as much as possible. Starting early with reach and engagement is key in order to capture as many potential customers as possible.

SEO is a long and involved process that will build up steam and grow an audience over time, and you need a marketing consultant who will be with you every step of the way, building a relationship with you and your needs. That means you should make sure you hire someone you trust, and who you believe aligns with what you want to happen. Do your homework, don’t scrimp on this, and you’ll achieve success.

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3rd Street Boys & Girls Club of Decatur

We were lucky enough to be able to donate this wonderful video to the 3rd Street Boys & Girls Club of Decatur. Those kids are amazing!

I’ll add the donation button as soon as I get the link, but in the meantime, call them! Give them the support they need.

Also, we were awarded a Community Impact award at a recent Boys & Girls Club Banquet/Fundraiser!

SEO Service Provider
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