The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 73

On Thursday, we experienced the largest cyber attack that I personally have ever been affected by. It took out large portions of the East Coast’s DNS (which renders the internet mostly unusable). So, we decided, since it was such a great day, we’d get outside and take some photos. We spent a few hours going around town and getting some vanity shots for the Nationwide agency website we were building. It was a pleasant day that ended with us finding the “Tunnel of Booze.” Just listen, you’ll learn all about it.

And, strangely, we spend the next half hour debating (not really) why a website is better than a business card. The correct answer is: in every way. But I digress.

Then, we rolled a whole bunch of stuff into the last talking point. We started off by pointing out that Apple has added ads to the App store (which I briefly brought up last week). We then progressed over to talking about the $50 Amazon phone that pumps ads directly to the lock screen. I haven’t played with one personally, but it sounds like a great phone for teenagers or younger people. This led into discussion about ads in paid services, like Hulu. I understand why they do this. If you can get more money for the same service, why not do that? But as a customer, I find it hard to swallow that I’m paying money for the convenience of this service, and on top of that, I’m paying additionally in time by being forced to watch these ads. Ads have their place, just not in a paid service.

And lastly, we discuss Nintendo’s newest game system, The Switch. I describe it pretty well in the show so I won’t rehash it here. Robert thinks the entire concept is flawed (that’s a nice way of saying he said it was stupid), but I think it’s brilliant. Combining the two best parts of Nintendo (handheld and console) is genius. And Nintendo has always been an innovative company, going all the way back to the OG NES.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 72

Over the course of 10 days, Robert eventually traded out a repaired iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB (that happened to be a very nice shade of pink) in to AT&T for a new, 128 GB Space Gray iPhone 6s Plus. The details are extensively covered in the podcast, but let’s just say it took some doing to get it finished.

Samsung’s faulty Note 7 has forced customers to change their phone, and the Pixel is the perfect candidate. AT&T was the first carrier to stop selling the Note 7 altogether after the replacement phones started catching on fire, just like the original line. T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint followed suit. Since you can purchase a new Pixel outright for a good chunk of change less than a Note 7, Verizon customers have the perfect option. The Pixel is Google’s newest in-house phone, and it’s wonderful. Taking the place of the Nexus line, the Pixel is leaps and bounds ahead of it predecessor. Look for the Pixel to take Samsung’s place as the leading phone on any store.

Google Maps has become synonymous with GPS and travel in general now that every smartphone on the planet can have access to it. And that got me wondering: what is Google’s end-plan for their mapping software. The search giant has turned almost every other product they’ve created into an ad revenue generator, but Maps has strangely been put by the wayside. We speculate that, eventually, you’ll have popup, ad-based locations injected into your routes. Or, even worse, a delay to use the navigation at all until you’ve watched an ad video.

Copyright is a whole can of worms that will take far too long to get into in the show notes. Heck, even on the show, it’s too large a subject to cover completely. Here’s a link to read up on Copyright Law and what you should do to avoid getting taken to court over something.

We briefly got into selling stock photography, and it’s a tough business. Not all of your photos will be accepted, and the payment terms are ridiculous on certain sites. If you’re a photographer or artist thinking of getting into the stock artwork world, do your homework before getting into bed with a single site. Check around for something that fits your needs and doesn’t feel like they’re ripping you off.

Tech support is something that we know very well. I’ve personally done tech support for nearly 15 years, Robert for 22. It’s a learned skill and not something that comes naturally to everyone. A huge percentage of tech support is strictly customer service, keeping the customers calm while you try to figure out what’s wrong. And a large part of that is doing it in a way that doesn’t belittle the customer or make them feel like they’re stupid for calling in the first place. We’ve got some stories to tell.

And lastly, Apple has added Ads to the App store (that’s a mouth full, try to say it quickly). I noticed it when I went to reinstall the Apple News app. I searched for News and at the very top was an Ad for the Wall Street Journal, highlighted in yellow, with an Ad marker next to it. It’s a news app, for sure, but they paid to be placed at the top of all search results with “news” in them. It’s brilliant, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get implemented.

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Deciding a Marketing Strategy for Facebook

facebook_adsIn creating ads, keep the customer in mind. Yes, you are trying to build an audience, drive traffic and generate as well as develop those leads into sales, but give the customer more than just a sales pitch. 

This first step to getting more traffic on Facebook is to create a campaign and Facebook Business can give you details. The basic structure is this:

Campaign – A campaign is the building block, an outline of your goals. For example, you want to increase subscribers so you offer a free eBook, or you want to have more engagement for a specific event, maybe a trade show. These are your objectives.

Ad Sets – This category is where you define your audience (demographics, location, etc.), budget and determine a schedule for the release of the ads.

Ad – This area subdivides your ad targets. For example, your company sells vitamins so your target is women age 25-45 for specific supplements. A company that promotes local hikes would aim their ads toward people who are interested in a distinct location.

Maximizing Strategy

marketingThe basic strategy always begins with your audience then follows through with valuable content and finally inspires your followers to share your products organically. Here are a few steps to get you going on this process:

Consider your audience – What do they want to see? What will help them do their jobs better, make their lives easier or make them to feel better?

Attract your audience – Ask your followers questions about how they use your products, have a contest and use trending topics to increase interest or share content they already like.

Call your audience to action – Use frequent links in your posts to encourage followers to click through to your site and add call to action (CTA) buttons on your page asking them to “Shop Now” or “Sign up.”

Expanding Reach

marketing_time_squareFacebook is an advertising friendly platform and it makes the process easy with a click-through tutorial on Facebook Ads. So determine your goals and what you want to promote as well as how best you can promote it. Facebook can show you how to promote your bead business to those who make jewelry in Hawaii, encourage the new moms in their twenties to try your organic lotion or attract your connections to an information security training event in Florida. Looking into Facebook Ads can extend your reach as far as you are willing to go!

Now that you have a campaign, have setup ads and know how to reach your followers with great content that encourages them to become your advocates, you can sell more through Facebook. Check out next week’s post when we will highlight the newest features Facebook has to promote your business and increase your reach.


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Confusing Facebook Marketing Ads Explained!

Online Marketing Decatur Alabama

Take advantage of the growing number of Facebook users with a constructive social media strategy. When faced with Facebook Ads, AdWords and other strategic sales terms, it may seem complicated but there are simple steps to take that make the process easier to handle.

In this post, we will show you the basics of Facebook ads and which ones help sell your products. There are the basic Facebook Ads that appear in newsfeeds. In addition, Ad Sets that let you schedule posts, create a budget and target an audience. A campaign is the umbrella covering both ad types and encourages you to set an advertising objective. Check out the Campaign structure that Facebook Business provides.

What Ad Types?

Initially, you will need to determine your campaign goals – drive traffic, increase brand awareness or do a specific promotion (coupons, discounts, giveaways, etc.).

facebook_iconOnce your goals are defined, determine what types of ads you want to create:

  • Domain Ad – Inexpensive, displays in the right column of the newsfeed
  • Page Post – Large image, most commonly used ad since it can appear in the right column, newsfeed and on mobile; generates Likes and encourages replies to boost engagement
  • Page Likes Ad – Displays on your friends’ pages
  • App Engagement – Displays in the status update and drives people to your mobile app for more engagement

Who’s Your Target?

Having determined your ad type, establish which

  • Location – city, county or state where you would like to do business
  • Demographic – age, gender or education level of those who would be attracted to your business
  • Interests – targets specific hobbies and pages liked
  • Behaviors – purchase habits, devices used, recent life events
  • Connections – reaches those connected to your page, or friends and friends of friends

twitter-292988_960_720Location is very important if you have a local business and want to promote it via Facebook. This platform offers an option to add a map card to your ad and numerous call to action (CTA) buttons such as Get Directions, Call Now and Send Message.

No matter what type you choose, remember that your ads should always have an image or a video to showcase your brand. A high quality image will sell your product more effectively than just text. Keep in mind that even though Facebook has relaxed a bit, the platform still has a ‘20% text in images rule’ and here are some examples. Make sure your image has low text to ensure ad delivery.

If you need more details for the three levels of Facebook Ads, check out Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads. These let you determine how you want to reach your customers and increase your sales.

And now that you know what ads you want to use and how to present your brand, our next post will focus on marketing strategy.


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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 71

Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza is one of our client’s. And like any client sometimes they need special attention. So, last week we gave them a visit, sat down and talked with Tina (one of the owners), and had some of their delicious pizza. If you’re in Huntsville, I highly suggest checking them out.

While we were in town, we decided to visit a prospect on our list, Mad County Winery. It’s operated by the good Rev. Cotton Williams. He’s a born natural showman, giving us the history and current story of their business. Robert sampled nearly every wine they had, which was a feat since the wines are 40 proof (about 20% alcohol), and he ended up settling on a Banana Coosh wine to take home with him. It definitely tastes like Laffy Taffy.

This weekend we decided to forego RC racing and dug out our camera equipment again. We got some great shots of an ancient cemetery where some of the Bankhead’s are buried. It was a lot of fun.

We talked a little bit about how some people are complaining about the Portraiture mode of the iPhone 7 cutting off the tops of inanimate objects. Now, if only they’d complain about the iterative nature of the iPhone itself. Maybe we’d get something truly revolutionary. And, then again, maybe we’ll just get another Samsung Galaxy debacle. The batteries in the iPhone 7’s are also combusting with very little jostling. A UK man had one melt to his leg after he fell off his bike while riding down a path. He had to have a skin graft it was so bad. And Apple is claiming it was “mishandled.” Of course they are. They don’t want to admit that every iPhone they’ve sold is a potential fire hazard.

Are we living in a  simulation? I have no idea. But some smart people seem to thinks it’s a very good possibility. Enough of a possibility that they’ve started pouring money into finding a way to stop it.

And to cap off this insane show, Taco Bell is now the healthy fast food company out there.

Welcome to America.

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Have you Seen Facebook Marketing Lately?

facebook-box-1334045_960_720How Effective is Facebook Marketing?

Sure, you go onto Facebook to check in, check statuses and share, but Facebook Ads use the power of over 1 billion users to target that audience and market your business more effectively.

Facebook is currently the largest platform for social media marketing engaging 71% of internet users and reaches both men and women ages 24-50. Creating ad campaigns will allow you to take advantage of this audience. And all you need to know to start is what your goals are for building a campaign, what types of ads you want to create and who you want to target. These questions can all be addressed in the Facebook advertising guide. Then once the initial setup is complete, give your customers more than sales pitches; provide them with usable content, something that solves their problems.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing the latest Facebook for business updates plus a plan to create your marketing strategy from scratch. The best part, it will be affordable.

Check us out in the coming weeks when our topics will include setting a goal, what type of ads you need to create and define your target market. You can use Facebook Live, new ad metrics, and localization to grab an audience and promote your brand.

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The Purple Tie Radio Show Episode 70

Bringing us one step closer to science fiction, Google has finally launched cross-platform retargeting. Basically, this means that they track you across devices to advertise relevant information based on things you searched for or places you visited. Except now it happens on anything you use your Google account with.

What started off as a segment about marketing tips quickly devolved into how podcasting isn’t going to make you a ton of money right out of the gate like most people say it will. We’re living proof of this. But we won’t discourage you from trying. Podcasting is a lot of fun, especially with a cohost like Robert. 😉

The under-desk elliptical is labeled the Cubii. It’s a stylish (for in-office workout equipment, anyway) foot pedal machine that allows you to work and workout at the same time. Don’t expect to get your heart racing doing this, but you’ll get plenty of leg day type exercise with this under your desk.

We also talked about getting back into old hobbies which led into talking about photography and also involved Audible. I adore Audible, and I’m glad Robert introduced me to it. He tried several years ago by purchasing a book for me and asking me to listen. At the time I wasn’t traveling as much, but now, you’d be hard pressed to find a stretch of time when I’m in the car and I’m not listening to a book of some kind.

The First Presidential Debate. Enough said.

And our one bit of weird news. The first ever 3 parent baby. I’ll let you read the article and generate your own opinion.

And to answer a few questions that popped up during the show.

Do churches pay taxes? The quick answer is no. The long answer can be found here.

What is the Struggle bus and why is Robert driving it straight to Hell?

A picture of Gidget, the snoring dog.

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